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And he seems like a nice guy so nice he's given us tons of comedic moments with the facial expression but that's all we know about him but let's be real if if if andrew decides to come back he's fourth place at worst like yes. Blake greg and Michael michael are all ahead of them right at this point. It's like why yes exactly. Who knows he's going like he knew that wasn't she said she even said like. Oh do you want to see like if you can stay for a little longer. And it wasn't even longer like also next week one row. She had the opportunity to give andrew the group dave rose and she didn't and she didn't give him the rose in the road. Andrew she only liked the no. Let's just honest. She did like she did like andrew but she liked andrew way more. Yeah he left her that thinking about where he like where their relationship wasn't comparison. The other guys. I think he's not fourth. I'd say he's too behind. Maybe by gray we saw a ton a ton of their relationship their conversations actually talking about very real life one hundred percent and very real life stuff which makes me think that like after katie sent him home producers. were like. We're going to give andrew the fucking best edit on planet earth and hopefully. He's our next bachelor. You know 'cause nobody th yeah. I agree with phenomenal edit. Oh so good but like nobody thinks. Michael is actually gonna win this season. No no i don't think so. I don't think because. I don't think that's what katie really wants. She likes him. My it's gotta be greg. Yeah i think it's gregor pike. I think greg and blake are like one foot in one for that. I think this is not gonna end well for katy. I think that great great. I think that greg heads out and she's with blake yeah. I'm nervous about blake though too. I don't know because blake like he says he'll get there and it's like happening the falling in love. But he's just not there yet but make the most sent away more dicey blake and katie way. More than i see greg and katie because like we said we're not really getting anything from greg but i feel like we are getting stuff from blake. Blake is being honest and we can kind of feel something for him yeah. I don't really think we're feeling anything from greg lake. She should she really. I think should pick blake. I would think it was amazing. If they're currently right now just like sitting on the couch together both tweeting. It'd be very on brand for the two of them. Yeah it's just like the weirdness of katie like describing how she felt like after the season that was like ooh did this end well or not. Well i can't really tell. I keep bringing that up On on our show she was like yeah. I'm happy and it was like. Are you then on nick. Vials podcasts. Sheet nikki be i. I don't even know why guys know. It's nikki. She said that she did get her heartbroken on this show. Yeah so. I think that only means that somebody ends up not wanting to be with her. I also see katie. Like talking about one of the guys. Leaving being heartbreaking for her then. that's just stupid. Yeah i know. I i agree with you but i could see katie saying that match named said tyler like phil for one of the girls and it was like yeah. I just can't believe that we're not going to have a final of of blake greg andrew. Yeah can't believe it. I really thought that was the that. Was it shocking shocking. So we're going into hometowns with blake. Greg michael and justin justin. Hopefully we learn some more about justin. When his family's aaron yeah litter or any trae hunter even so people i know. Yeah yeah so. We're going into hometowns. We'll see what happens. I feel super clueless. I really have no idea Not quite sure the format next week. 'cause there is going to be hometowns and mental all. The teaser was using two nights half of one night. There's no rhyme or reason anymore now to win these what. We just show up monday at eight. Pm and see where the night takes. Hopefully it's all so. Emily maw emily moines end this by giving a round of applause ramle..

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