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Thank you so the oscars are responsible for good movies good made right that's what you're saying in a very cynical way though because i think like you know it's all right we spend the whole year with marvel movies and action movies and then just so we can pat ourselves on the back and convince ourselves that we still have you know integrity we you know put some oscar movies into production and look like the thing that bothers me is that the oscars should not be valuable because they're the oscars the oscars should have to earn our respect by the fact that they reward the best movies which they don't so i think that there aren't meaningful produces a certain kind of knowledge that i think is detrimental to social relations because it just reinforces and it makes a it turns it into a bigger deity it turns celebrities or celebrity culture into a bigger deity and i think that that has serious problems for mediating social relations it just it just makes it it makes it as though these individuals have a certain level of social and political import value that i'm not necessarily sure we ought to try to fall at their feet and absolute yeah absolutely not it's all just a it's a charade it's a spectacle and you know it's the least it's the lowest rated oscars in history there's it wasn't a good one yeah fun many funny jokes but then at the same time and again i feel like there's two sides of the coin and i'm not believing i'm not trying to to to defend the oscars as an institution but it's that whole thing of like it is fun on a on a on a surface level i enjoy the quote competition of it but also it i lots of stuff in life only matters because it matters like itself petulant itself to this point where like i mean again we this is a different conversation but like this isn't a perfect analogy but money only works because we believe in it.

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