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Republican US Senator Jeff flake this week and followed him as he decided to force the Senate to delay its vote on judge capital that's tomorrow afternoon at three this American life with IRA glass right here on eighty nine point three KPCC. Thanks for listening on a Friday evening. Back to the takeaway on KPCC. Welcome back to the takeaway. I mainly altered in the eighties and nineties the war on drugs led to a tough on crime approach supported by Republicans and Democrats alike. No crime today is an American epidemic. There must be no doubt about who side. We're all people who commit crimes should be caught convicted and punished I do believe in the death penalty. And I think it is a deterrent. And I believe we need all of us here today. Share a common goal past the president's prime Bill and in the scorch of crime in America now allowed first degree murderers to have weekend passes from prison. One was Willie Horton murdered a boy in robbery stabbing him nineteen times. But today activists and politicians from both sides of the aisle are recognizing the drastic harm those policies caused and are working to undo them. Chettiar is the director of the Brennan centers Justice program, and she explains the evolution. We've seen in the last few decades when it comes to criminal Justice reform. The issue of mass.

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