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And this week nineteen 75 david bowie tops the singles chart fame coal written by and featuring backing from john lennon god is your look back at this week's rock almanac koa newsradio 850 am and 941 fm welcome back to perspective i'm cheri preston voters enter the polls in alabama on tuesday for the runoff election in the primary to fill the senate seat vacated by now attorney general jeff sessions while seven candidates are running for the democratic nomination the republican primaries in the spotlight thanks to president trump getting involved he is endorsed the incumbent appointed senator luther strange rogue in his in alabama head of the voting she talk with abc's aaron katersky if there was anything that you can call a proxy battle this would be it president trump has endorsed in campaign for senator incumbents senator loser strange why all all of the sort of outsiders who embraced president trump and many of whom were actually in his cabinet in in his white house where a time eight endorsed the challenger judge roy moore who is a conservative firebrand is and beloved in the state of alabama or his a defiance of the political establishment here you may remember he is the former state supreme court justice who was essentially a fired after he refused to take down a memorial to the 10 commandments outside the a state courthouse here so this is absolutely a test of the power of president trump endorsement because luther strangest someone who the calls of tighten but they show you all the.

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