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Well thank you K. dog we I I'm not excluding anybody I didn't come up with a list the Sporting News did I'm just giving you the list now what the islanders didn't with al Arbour with bossy and Trottier okay Billy Smith or great skiing that Gretzky team might be the greatest hockey team ever assembled I mean I'm not I'm not I don't know my gun yes any grand Fuehrer do you know if Paul Coffey that was a great great team you had which McCall it from the Rangers SEM SCA was on that team me that that was a great but you know you'll put in the Detroit Red Wings I'm fine with that yeah Paul you can look at the red wings as a run of relevancy they're always relevant they're always competitive almost like the St Louis cardinals they don't have dynasties but the cardinals they never go more than two or three years without a playoff runner good you know appearances it's like you basketball they've had times would have been really really good and it have a run but there are always relevant and with those franchise I didn't know this but I center when going to get upset about this somebody sent me a note said by the way people voting greatest college basketball player poll of all time on ESPN selected sigh on Williamson over Danny manning god help me here hang it yes I am can get to a final four Danny manning single handedly won a national title yes hello motional this gets you you should see a little bit it is a little crush souls just sit in their on camera right now as the sun goes down as you can see that the it's got this red shirt on your faces start to match your shirt and you're staring at the piece of paper for you like you want to punch I guess torturing people you got to help me and I need to do is harder I it just this looks this reflects poorly on ESPN with what they're doing it does in in in where they had the and and look I don't put the blame on the voters here but ESPN with some of the seating that's on ESPN that's embarrassing but maybe they did accomplish what they wanted to and then they get people talking about it but you know let's like any publicity is good publicity nope that's not the case not the case all right Sir Michael will bond will join us coming up also I stumbled upon a new show hi I do I didn't start binging because you know I usually don't get through one entire episode I watched three episodes yesterday and I don't know where it's been all my life I don't know where she's been all my life let me put it that way wow yeah we'll take a break Michael will bond will if you think I'm mad wait till he he's mad at this ESPN polls well will allow I think we have a winner on Todd's scoreboard today will tell you what the number stands for and who was the winner of Todd scoreboard we head out some D. P. show gear every single day nineteen after the hour more phone calls coming up and we have four more meat madness songs as well twenty after the hour Dan Patrick show we needed a printer in fact I love this printer so much there are three in the building Epson eco tank printer.

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