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And ESPN dot com and Spain and fits their Spain Jason Fitz on ask you about a team that's out just because I grew up in an era that Tennessee women's basketball, the lady vols were unstoppable. And obviously they just had their worst season in memory. Holly Warlick has been sort of under fire for whether she'll return, what is your mindset on the state of lady vols basketball right now. They're in a they're in a really difficult place. You know, Holly had to take over in a in a really really hard circumstance. I mean, this is her mentor her best friend going through a really tragic illness and then passing away. Really? I mean as big a figures there's a women's sports with Pat summitt and then trying to take over. I mean, we all know in sports. What's the hardest thing to do? It's so try to replace the legend. Nobody can really do it. You know, the best you can hope for is to be able to stab herself. And I think what's been hard is the lady vaults have been able to get some good recruits in, you know, since since politics over which you know, she took over after Pat summitt steps down so for the two thousand twelve two thousand thirteen season. But they've just gotten progressively worse. Really? I mean, like like you said this is the only the second time they'd lost in the first round the first time was a decade ago. And it was a shock, and sadly this time it. It wasn't. I think they were expected to lose over number eleven seed. And now the question is do they you know, are they going to stick with Holly Warlick of Phillip Fulmer extended her in August? So if they're going to get rid of her they're going to have to buy out her contract. And then it's a question of who replaces her, but you know, when you have a situation where you have a certain amount of the fan base. And then even a player of know Westbrook after their first round loss is talking about that you you've got problems speaking sarahspain and Jason Fitz talking to Michelle Vogel. College basketball reporter for ESPN w and ESPN dot com. Michelle we've heard a lot in previous years as the Yukon women were dominant, even though they've actually lost the couple times of late that they were bad for women's basketball that it was boring that they were so good. Do you think this year is actually better when there are two stewed seed or maybe even the accumulation of the last couple years where they haven't been winning? I think it's probably just like in in any sport. We have a dominant team, right? Was basically everybody in the universe. Rooting against the patriots. It's excited with fans, you know, same way, I think yesterday was with Duke men, right? That was everybody wants them to lose. It's the fact that they're so great that they're so annoying. And that's why it's so much fun when they do lose, which sounds mean. But it's the truth. The last two final fours uconn lost, you know, on buzzer-beaters in overtime. It was like the same groundhog day happened to them twice. And I think that was good. You heard other coaches, they gave them this idea that hey, anything can happen when you can lose them being number two seed to me is like to me they're about the same as a number one 'cause they're in the Albany region. It's it's basically almost the same thing. But I think it's fun because now people are saying, hey, are they vulnerable? I don't think anything motivates Gino more than that seen Auriemma than than people saying that Michelle have you seen anything in the tournament. So far, that's changed your mind about who you think's going to win in the end. Not really because I I think there we came into the tournaments thing legitimately that could be seven teams that could win. And that's honestly, I I thought they were seven that could win. I picked Notre Dame so far Notre Dame's fantastic. I I think they're still my pick. But we've seen you know, the fact that the number one so far been really strong. We had all number ones last year that could happen again. But if that does happen that means the end of Yukon streak they've made every single final four since two thousand and eight..

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