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It a rainbow is it any of those things those things you think are worth worth like i had one yeah what do you think would be worth outing someone who didn't want to be out back into society again i don't know that has twenty eight hundred like so i think that's worth it to okay okay we'll get twenty eight hundred likes that's worth it right more than i've ever gotten right okay could you know your your price it's not high anyway so that all happened by the end i wonder when she took it down as of june twenty six twenty fifth it was down so i don't know okay should we get into our interview the sweet yes please okay austin kroll from southern charm was in the office and i won't speak for you but for me i was like oh cool i'm excited talk to austin especially over the moon about it you know he's never been a a cregg to me but then we talked to him move over craig will this room for both of you i think he has now fully pushed craig out of my heart wires only space for office just goes to show we were not they say love comes when he least and that is so true when you know you know first of all very tall berry either say handsome but yes first of all berry tall very handsome third wearing glasses he's wearing glasses you guys which apparently he's gonna do at the reunion so look for that right then before he relieve in starts the interview he's like to have my beer he's talking to the press burson she went goes and gets him a beer which i didn't know what to make of that but then he was so cool during the interview i what's jeering yes i know that's his thing he's a beer guy he's making his own he was early which i always appreciate right he was early s that never happens and then like just willing to play ball he was fun yeah he was like great to talk to we got sexual real quick i not joking it literally slid into dm's here's that interview i don't understand if i hear one more person say like oh my god ship you have to be my daughter i'm like are you nuts basically said that you want your daughter and never speak to her again like what is wrong with you women though shop picture my daughter and i'm like this thing they'll be the one to show my god by mothers their daughters me people like reach unlinked in and stuff out we analyzed all the time what's the weirdest thing that you've gotten you know you know just people asking me to it's not weird wedding dates and like you should meet my sister and this woman reached out to cam several times and antony i've seen it interesting austin this woman won't leave me alone like you know her daughter like you're and i was like okay let's let's dabble in this and was it a or was it today a well it it it was a let's see what's going on you know and i talked to her and then i mean by bit i mean we exchanged more than one dm she's like haman charlotte like when you're here we should and nothing ever came of it you know i i've done this before and i'm just i don't wanna waste my time and effort on like i i will meet someone not their social media say that much how many unsolicited sex do you get like photos or videos how many sex do i get someone on below deck med yet feet no no hannah requests for feet please semi pictures of your feet hannah does yeah but the guy with get videos photos actually not not like that it's funny but we had a big fun night in new york and who knows what could have been but what happened was shoes traveling with her mom i'm staying a friend's house and it's like we'll keep his party going let's go 'cause bars are closed it was like four let's go drink in your room i can't my mom's up there let's get your place cam saying that of buddies place yup and like two hours because like we're generally drinking at four so we just had to kind of call tonight there's babies would be so beautiful there okay but sex oh my god right now but it's it's a lot of bachelorette parties.

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