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So, yeah, as soon as we started talking basketball, Mark started trimming his fingernails. Mark, any any any thoughts on Savard in particular or if, you know, just a rehash of the Bruins are in a good spot with their staff? I think that they're in a good spot for right now, I'm not saying a great spot, but I think that another year of of what we saw last year, you know, the group together and so on would do be beneficial. But if things don't work out next season, it's like really bad. I think besides Monty and John Gruden, I think the staff should be reconstructed a little bit. And, you know, would Mark Savard been a beneficial addition to that staff? I think so, especially on the creativity factor on the power play and and how to transition out of the zone quickly. I think that he would add some some interesting knowledge to the to that factor. But he's also going to be doing it in Calgary as an NHL coach. He leaves the Windsor Spitfires real successful head coach and stint in Windsor in the Ontario Hockey League. And he's going to join Craig Conroy, who's the new GM in Calgary and a former teammate of Savard. So, you know, there's there is a relation there. And I don't know. I mean, yes, Grace, I do agree that there's a lot of stuff that's going on in Calgary and there's a lot of flight risks, especially during the free agent time. You know, Elias Lindholm and and, you know, the defenseman that I can never know a And Toffoli, Tyler who knows what's going to happen with him? They just seemed like they're going to all going to be flight risk to leave Calgary. So it's going to be interesting on how this coaching staff is going to be put together and how Mark Savard can benefit from it, you know, so it'll be interesting for him.

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