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Flats. Chapter thirty one. Chris Moore is. Try give one more time right now. Cool. Here we go. This is Chris from. Can we do? And I'll get that. Hey, Chris Neil healthy? It's not too late. A I'll be up for a bit. Dotson. Now. Hurry. Call me tomorrow. Back at call him ten. Hello. That you call so it's going great man yet. No, I'm sorry to call so late. Whatever those are those even tower I just listened to what your thoughts so far. I just. Chancer. Never met the kids. So I don't know what he was talking about never see him alive. You know, all ever heard with my son, but I've never met the kids. So I don't know like. You know, kinda surprising. It's been hard to reach Chris Boras. And this may even be my last chance to speak with him if he was involved with the day disappearance. I know he's not gonna just confessed to me, but I can share the facts. I know that make any lies Irv Asians that much more difficult. And one question I have is who led the authorities to a day, his body, especially since I saw the picture of data because it didn't look like a boot with sticking up out of the ground. She looked pretty well concealed. So someone must have known where she was, and thanks to the tip for my new source. I've got a good idea who that someone is don't wanna check a bunch of things with you. The first one I had this one, we spoke is that you lead the police to a day or told them where she was. No. I've never told them any of that. I just told them what happened was my son came back to my son kickbacks. Remember, like dad was crisper is, is referring to the Thursday two weeks after a day disappeared. When Chris pots for some unknown reason, took a seventeen hour drive from Colorado to his dad's house wheat land stayed for less than two hours and then left, she shows up on my house. John stays goring. Oh, say your son's here. I'm like, what Katie? Call me. I was like this can weird. So I said, okay. I got side anyone. Anyone talk to you and I saw them sitting there talking. What are you doing? At this carbon. Dan, I have a gun on. So I said, what are you gonna come in for Jim what I say catch with the gun, you know, this? My good. And I said. What's going on? So he basically opened up. And he told me situation, okay. Heating detail, just so me coming and getting physically where those three different spots that he told me, he basically told me this. Bush's. Why did he say three spots, instead of I put her here? Why did you say three? Will listen Bill when he came say, which many others great places trip, and that's where he told me. We have special camp, far west, we had hidden falls. And he said, you know, I knew places so that's when he told me that so but, you know, there's area go hiking up there. Yeah. It's called in and falls. It's a beautiful, beautiful players that beep is concealing the identity of Chris's childhood friend whose name we changed to Brian for purposes of anonymity, roughly ten years ago. Chris and Bryan came to live briefly, with Chris Meraz when he was living in a neighboring town. And by the way, just in case you missed it in his wall of words, it was Chris more as who tipped off police to wear a day was. White. When he told me that 'cause I knew the place, lonely three St. go ahead. What were the spots, he said? What are your creeks this Burgess, there's three in that area? There's one two three. Pretty much what he told me if you're going horseback, riding you're going to go hiking, or fearing, those whatever, there's three, and that's basically all said, am I said, okay? So I didn't say anything to sing I was just sad because I could see the remorse very. I don't know what to say. It was just sad to seem like that. I think he realized what you done when Chris said he had a lot of remorse about it. Did he say like why he'd done it or what happened? What I'm gonna sure this, this is honest. He told me this when, when you told me that he goes dead to remind me of my mother wanted to kill my mother straight into eyes. Exactly. Telling that's word for word and I just kind of blew it off and then like sun the complex, but he did tell me. So I'm telling you right now, eight I mom forever reason, you know. You know today is a lot like here's another for. She was a person that likes drama. Ramon. Matures. I just wanna point out how little empathy. Chris Meraz has for a day for the victim here. In fact, I don't recall him ever saying positive word about her. I asked him about his call to Jade spots on February twenty fourth what he was talking about days. Disappearance before anyone knew she was gone. She had said that you the morning after disappeared, you had called her and said, hey, stuff happened like the little girl. Don't worry about it. I'm gonna take care of it.

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