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It goes out there and lights it up. There ends and used to play with Panthers would have been in preseason hall of fame, chase. Daniel was another guy. Well, I got a guy for you right now, and that's Cole. McCoy with a Redskins. You know, this guy, he outplayed Brian Hoyer the Redskins game with the patriots, but McCoy does this every free seasons. Now you've got Washington playing the jets here on Thursday and we know McCoy can swing around the jets. You've got three guys that they're going to evaluate, but they only put seventeen points up as a trio of. I would look for Alex Smith to get some work and COPA quite it'd be pretty salty in the second half of that game with Washington, so it it's really. The back of that you believe is gonna play. The majority of the game almost becomes your handicapped or the game. Let's talk a little bit more about that jets washing and glad you went to that one because we saw the jets open at three point dog at bookmaker. It's down to one and a half bookmaker most of the market sitting there onto right now, there's anywhere from one with extra juice to two and a half at pinnacle. This numbers kind of all over the marketplace, but it's below three. So you're not real significant differences anywhere with these respective sports books, but the Sam darnold train picked up a lot of steam last week. A lot of people were very pleased with how he looks thought that you know, maybe this is the guy that's going to be a starter for this team. Meanwhile, as you mentioned, Alex Smith didn't play in that game for the Redskins. So that's always such an interesting dynamic here in week. Two of the starter who didn't play the established guy in Alex Smith who will probably play a quarter, maybe two or three series in this game against the jets. Now have this hype train with Sam darnold who played the majority of the game last week. It should probably play the majority of the game this week. It's such a complex, Andy CAPP when you get that type of situation, and then you throw out the Trump card basically of, hey, Cole McCoy plays really well in the preseason doesn't seem like anyone's even paying attention to that with where this light is moving..

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