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The voice of the White Sox right here at ESPN 1000 people like what? What that shocked a lot of people. Yeah, It's like Wayne Larrabee leaving many years ago to go be the voice of the Packers and then saying, that's my dream job. I've always been a Packers fan. What Lot of people do not know that correct? No, but I mean, it's knowing the one the best play by play guys for the Bears in my lifetime. And he says, Oh, I've always been a Packer fan you have you have I don't like you anymore. First time in 10, and why not? I mean, I was shocked by that. So was that And now you hear? Oh, that's my guy. Len KASPER. Nicest guy in the world. Really, Really talented outta here. Excuse me. You're leaning TV. Go to do radio for who? The white sacks. And then he told the story. People are now didn't understand. Like, no, I'll never get chance to call the World Series Championship by doing the Cubs on TV. CORRECT cause they national broadcast takeover sues the playoffs hit but radio Calls all the way through the end, and only by the very kind nature of Pat Hughes. Did he get to sit in on the flagship? And Pat would give him an inning each game to call. So so I could take a nap. I'm a little sleeping. Please do this sitting for me in the lunch room. If you're looking for me young has I'm the guy with the ugly sweater in the lunch room, Two balls and two strikes about that, Ronnie. So Everyone's like, Oh, then the rumor is Chris Myers is getting a gig. I don't know Chris Myers from Adam. I've never talked to the man. Oh, that's all. Wow. That's a while and Everyone's like whatever Chris Myers and then we get the news that boob sham be Is going to be the new voice of the Cubs. Awesome guy. Phenomenal announcer great storyteller. Hammer like Wow. That is spectacular news. Now you're a baseball play by play guy. I am but you don't have an analyst, right? I do not. So I would like to throw my hat in the ring. To come in and do a game with you as your analyst How about a few innings? She had to help the whole game. Maybe a few innings. Danny what? When you and I start talking, we're just gonna talk through all the pitches. I remember going to game long time ago. I really loved it. There's a home run by costly Otto's gonna get foreign up. Here's your driving a deep left field by constant Janos. It will be a home run. That's it. That's the whole thing when you and I start talking You know, I got action to call. I got time for your long form stories. I'll get out of the way. There's no shot. You get no shot shot. There's no shot. You're getting out of the way. Danny should be. Let me be his analysts. Who do you think I mean, for the sake of entertainment absolutely shot, But I agree with Hoody. I mean, there's no shot. You're getting out the way unless he brings up Twitter on your phone, and then you get lost in that for a while Seasons next month. Oh, sure, it is. Really college baseball season. What's next month? So if you're ready, we'll wait till it's warmer. Just there is no warmer. I call home, Mike. I'll call on you. I see baseball games in the cold. I'm saying, I'm sure you know the sea that starts like in late February early February. Remember, it starts in the south when you could play you around. So you have seized on the road and then, like the earliest game I've called like his February 26. The first game is February 14. What? Yeah, So at Auburn, have we got one like that's a Valentine's very nice. We got one like July 7. There's no July 7 s. So this is the problem Now you want to send name your date? May 16th is the last game, Cappie even then you're not gonna be warm. No, I don't know. I call it in the booth. The cold. Resume. Think do is something though there's not a soup, they know. Do they have a space heater for you? No, No, I'm fine. He brings a Parker. He's ready to go. Yeah, I'm fine. I got the glass. Yeah, they don't open up the lid off the windows for May. Hey, when they when they do those like, Hey, man, you got a brother in the book closed that window. I'm not that I'm not that guy That's gonna do it. I'm not Harry. That's that's a great story. So the windows at Wrigley are removable out all the booth? Yeah. And Harry would come in and the first Syriza's first game. The new crew did not know that it was removed the windows Cold out. It's freezing. Harry came in and said, Hey, I don't work with windows. He wants the crowd noise. He don't care if it's cold, So they said, All right, we'll get him out for tomorrow. Here. It's too late. It takes it's a process. He does the first game. He comes in the next day, and the windows are still in. It's a true story. Way back in his career. He was telling us. He took a folding chair and broke the window out. That's it. Maniac May What is Harry? Brother the window out? I don't know. What's up? Uh huh. Well, this strikes his bangs. I mean, I mean, come on now. Remember Josh Mora on TV? I do so Josh Mora is the intern early in his career at WGN TV. Harry comes in and you know they had the like the screen. They would pull down behind him. So the sun wouldn't it would be that would be have a glare like glare proof. They put a new one in, but they hadn't screwed it in yet. They just set it on top. It said. Do not use this one. We're just going to deal with the light in the back. The carpenters will be in after the game, and they'll attach it well, Josh forgets. No, no, he pulls it down and it comes flying down it wax Harry on the head and down goes Harry. They're trying to kill me in here. True story, Gary, so don't know. But the college baseball season's February March April And around. What is it? Danny Mother's Day in May. That's when the playoffs began in May. The last games like May 20th, and in the play offs begins, I'll do the playoffs. No, no, no. You come in when I come in there. What do you want to do? Play But you want to color with me. Come in there in the cold 35 degrees. You can't you can't play college baseball. If it's less than 35 degrees, I played college baseball in Minnesota. It was brutal. Yeah. Oh, yeah. So you wanna do that? Come on up there, did you? You? I thought you played college football. I did play both. So you are a two sport athlete? Yes. Yeah. Wasn't good it either, But I was on the team. He's a regular. He's a regular Danny Schayes. I mean, did your parents you know the lady? From what? Full house? I can't think of her name that paid for her kids. Laughlin, did your parents pull lot Glory law firm like there's no way you're a two sport athlete. I love you cap and for a guy your age, you're in tremendous shape and you work hard, but You're 5 ft eight..

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