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Except for the last few ever have anyone embarrassed one giant step to the right ratio away from everything else they came from sly you are all parts this is the jets show interesting how he appeared to enter the paper by shooting out the door now was that a functional reason because it may be some sort of matlock on it or swipe card you couldn't get in or did he just want to be that spectacular or he's now drawing everyone toward him i don't know i don't know i'm sure they're asking that question right now why how would you do where'd you go when you went into the building who did you choose to shoot and from what we're hearing is he's not investigating at all if you're just joining the program you add a shooter at a newspaper in annapolis killed five seven are injured it is a horrible situation at the capital gazette because you know the first thing and i've gotten several people tax me tweeted at me and said you know jan that'd be honest you the first thing that came to mind was the same thing that somebody had taken this rhetoric too far and i earlier i said you know i don't want to be that person that says let's speculate about what it is there's too many of those you know those people that shoot those arrows and throw those flames a it's not about that people are wounded they're getting the best care but who knows why this took place there has to be something in reference to the newspaper i would look at what they have recently published in particular today is there something in an article or did a to'real that would lead them potentially to someone did the shooter actually say something before he committed distributing yeah and that's something else that's former fbi special agent brad cared right there we think well maybe somebody's pissed at the media but it can be visited media for the different things maybe they've been fighting with the media over something that was published about their family or themselves or who knows what it could be but what we do know is once again somebody's decided to turn their bad day or their bad life in to everybody else's problems they're pissed at the world so now it's your problem there live socks so now they're gonna make it everybody else's problem and we don't know what it is could have been a you know a horrible situation with the next lover aflame out here in phoenix you know we just had that guy that nine years after his divorce he goes and kills what six or seven people targets people that are with the law firm they were at the the psychologists because the the the breakup is so bad with the kids and all nine yards but it was nine years after it was stewing up we don't know what it could have been we don't know what it could be what we do know though is that five people dead seven people gravely injured and they're fighting for their lives and the families of those people their lives have changed for ever and all they did was go to work today that was it they went to work today do everything else they got up to shower got dress fed the kids fed the dog kissed the husband or wife goodbye whatever was wandered off the work did their thing and this happened three two three five three eight twenty four twenty three at chadbensonshow is your twitter you know you know and look the rhetoric that's out there and i've talked about it before i buy into its wwe and just remember that you know would you hear the craziness from both sides of the aisle that that over does it right the that that just goes into the insanity just it's it's it's w it's theatrics it is shakespearean it is crazy just take it for what it is it's that somebody's playing a part and that's all it is doesn't mean they don't feel strongly about a certain thing but just remember if they feel strongly at it and scale of one to ten with one being the least they feel for ten being the top three allergies by and large most people feel about a five six or seven about a certain thing but for the tv cameras on they ratcheted up.

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