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At 67 at BWI Marshall in 69° at dulles. It's 7 40. 6 weeks into the new job, metro GM Randy Clark is trying to set goals for the transit system beyond finishing the silver line extension and getting the 7000 series cars back to service. He says they are going to have to take a look at how metro makes money and the fair structure. Clark admits that the fair structure is confusing. The open and transparent, we probably have the most complex structure anywhere on Planet Earth. The new GM speaking about fares during a recent Northern Virginia transportation commission meeting. To me, the most important thing in the funding model is that it's sustainable and predictable. Those two things are the most important. Clark says because metro is unique and combines an inner city subway with a commuter train to various suburbs, makes it difficult. We're the only place that goes across three jurisdictions, and we're only fair table that does peak and non peak that also has a distance. He said he hopes to bring options on fares to the metro board in the future. Luke Luger WTO news. Two people were taken to the hospital after a metro access car crashed. It happened on rock creek church road in northwest D.C. right before 8 o'clock Saturday morning, a modest spokesperson tells WTO the metro access car hit two parked cars before tipping over, the driver and the passenger are expected to be fine. A fugitive who was part of a sex trafficking ring in Virginia, Maryland, and the district was sentenced to 18 months in prison, Ramon campos Murillo went to Mexico to avoid arrest, authorities tracked him down in 2021 and extradited him earlier this year to face charges The Justice Department says campos Murillo helped arrange the prostitution and drove the young women to the locations, at least 7 other people were convicted in sex trafficking offenses in this scheme, the Justice Department says it also operated in Delaware and other places. The district is out with information showing just where students are in the classroom and how far back the pandemic put them. These results are very, very sobering. D.C. deputy mayor for education Paul kind says data from the last school year. I think the urgency with which we've all been working. Looking at the test score, state superintendent for education, Christina grant says the proficiency rate of at risk students decreased more than the rate of non fat risk students in both math and ELA. Only 31% of students were at or above grade level in English and language arts. 19% of students who took the math park assessment were on or above grade level. The full breakdown of data can be found at WTO P dot com. John

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