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A little high and outside of the folder when you look at college football and a lot of the spread offense this kid played a cow is that a big athlete you know five seven hundred seventy five pounds but he can play well in space and it's fast enough when he gets the ball in the backfield he can get to that space is that sixty three total yards in the game and the lone touchdown for the Broncos now its third down seven yards to go all of the forty five yard line what's not common locks stepping up throws complete for a first down but I think it's in yards after the catch is flying forward is Steve Dunbar junior is going to be out of the yard we're going for this great effort what is with the season last year the Niners practice squad so true law is the first of the rookie quarterback they work in a chance to see a live action so far what I've seen from the deep balls that he's missed on the slick them out there like he's going to ten yard pass may sale forty five yards down the field our yard to go through the middle I want to play he throws the rotor jacks it all the way back to the other side of the fifty yard line at the forty eight defense holds on fourth down for a little time to play through the middle this goes back to.

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