Mayor Muriel Bowser, GOP, CDC discussed on Phil's Gang


So the committee advises Mayor Muriel Bowser to ask the federal government to remove relocate or contextualized those landmarks. But the White House criticized the mayor, saying she should be ashamed for suggesting them. Other proposals within D C control include renaming buildings, parks and schools like Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. I'm Julie Walker. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has told states to prepare for a Corona virus vaccine to be ready to distribute by November. 1st director Dr Robert Redfield said states in the near future will receive applications from McKesson Corporation. A contractor with the CDC to distribute vaccines to places including state and local health departments and hospitals. Republicans in the Senate are hoping a pared down Covad 19 relief bill will muster enough votes to pass next week. Bob Agnew reports Those most concerned or a handful of GOP senators in tight re election race is the Hill Reports leader Mitch McConnell told the GOP conference call that every member in a tight race wants to see a bill that gets at least 51 votes, even if it's ultimately rejected. $500 billion proposal up for consideration next week would provide new Corona virus released two schools, businesses and the Unemployed. Buying new reporting. The House Oversight Committee has subpoenaed Postmaster General Lewis to joy for widespread mail delivery delays that have propelled the Postal Service into the political spotlight. Is it prepares to handle mail in ballots for the November election? On Wall Street that out by 454 points more on these stories at townhall dot com. If you've fallen behind on your credit card.

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