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Game before. So what I've seen, though, is I think in these close games, teams have to convince their players to stop like running the clock down too early in these fourth quarters. Like, you know, you get to 5 minutes and you watching the point guard, you know, playing more cautiously and they're starting their sets, trying to run an extra 8 seconds off. So they're getting into their first action at ten. Instead of early. And I just think Boston, they became very hesitant. If they get if they have the lead going into the fourth quarter, I think they have to, you know, encourage smart no. We're not trying to run clock. We're going to play, and I think smart actually has to find his way, you know, back into the post like he did at the end of game four, you know, where he can bully smaller defenders. Well, it's funny you say that because Chris Paul is like on the verge of an 8 second violation all the time. He's like a half a second away and it's amazing. It's like the 7 seconds or less franchise is now like 19 seconds or more. They barely get the ball over half court in 7 seconds anymore. And again, when you're playing against switching teams, right? It takes a little longer to exploit the switch than it does a drop, right? The drop is like, you can basically get a decent look off the first action against a drop. When you have a legit Hall of Famer, like, you know, Chris Paul or a great player like Dončić and Booker. But it's the traps. It's the, it's the switching to me that, you know, you need as much time on the clock as you can. And people talk about playing with pace. Zach and playing with pace is really good and it's necessary. But everybody equates that just to the full court to me, that goes to the half court as well. How quickly you get into what you're running. How hard and how forceful your cuts are. How well are you screening and setting up the screen? All those factors go into half court pace. And I think Phoenix because they rely on actions more than a lot of teams now, they have to pick up their pace in the half court. It's going to be a really fun game. I also, by the way, when I said me too about Boston, and I picked Boston to win this series. But by the rule of the basketball gods, I must pick Boston tonight because of the pick Boston to win the series. I have to pick Boston tonight. I hope we get a game 7. Coach Jeff van Gundy your inside is second to none. Thank you so much for your time. I will see you soon. All right, take care..

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