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When Waxy finished everyone was silent for a moment finally her brother? Wilbur stepped forward. He was the smallest of the litter and one of his ears was a little off center. Waxy he said. Please come out with us. I know you like your seascape. But it's not real real life. It's just not you're right it's not said Waxy it's better than real life here at home home. I can watch the waves without getting water in my nose. I can see the sand without it being kicked into my books. I can relax and knock it taken by a riptide or eaten by sharks. It's better it's better it's better. It's better. She stomped her little weasel foot as she spoke. Don't make me sing again. Fine said Wilbur you want your tapestry. It's so important to you. Then Com com get it. He snatched the ocean scene off the wall and bolted from the room. lexi shrieked and chased after him. Tearing through the borough zero. They tumbled back and forth. And then Wilbur dashed out the door and into the sunlight. Will you'll get back here. Waxy shouted pausing at the doorway. The Bright Sun Stung her is the air was warm and breezy through her musty for her her she shouted again but he was already off and running. You'll pay for this. She said and stormed out of the House. After her brother other the anxious bird was flapping in her belly but she was too angry to pay it any mind. Lexi tore across the yard and her family followed close behind all of them shouting and adding to the chaos. He'll never catch me. Wilbur said laughing. He ran through their yard and the neighbors and into the tall grass that grew along the backside of the beach heading for the ocean the tapestry trailed behind him like a Cape Waxy Zi ran hard her long easel body bounding and caught up to her brother in the sand by the water. She tackled him and they rolled in the surf. Wilbur bird was laughing and waxy pulled the tapestry away from him flushed and panting. Why did you do that Wilbur? She said water dripping from. I'm her for to remind you he replied reminded me of what the world is. More than what you CONC- in a tapestry. He took a deep sniff through his whiskered nose. And let it out slowly. His for was a mess of mud but he didn't didn't seem to care he never seemed to care. Smell that air. Tell me what you smell give it back waxy. whacky didn't want to listen. Her brother laughed. I will if you just tell me what you smell. She scowled at Wilbur and then took a deep deep sniff. She paused smiled and then took another. I smell salts and canned fish from the ocean. I smell begging sand and coconut from the beach. It smells sweet like home. When Nanna cooks now can I have it back? Her parents and brothers and sisters caught up to them and circled around curiously Wilbur grinned. Doesn't it smell great though. Isn't it nice beating outside well Waxy said as everyone stopped to listen. I guess it smells good but I could get sunburned. Still and the water could go up my nose and it's more than the smell said her mother other. Close Your Eyes for a minute. Close Your eyes and listen and you'll hear what a seascape can't ever hope to offer. Waxy wanted to argue. But she was already at the beach. They let her go home faster if she played along. She closed her eyes and listened. Well I hear the waves breaking on the barnacle covered rocks. It's like a giant breathing and I hear people laughing. They're shouting playing a game. Waxy said thinking that the sounds were so sweet. They almost made her cry. They definitely made her realize how lonely she'd been in the House. Safe and bored with her seascape still waxy kept her eyes closed she smelled the rich. Smells listened to the symphony around her. Isn't this better her wilbur asked. It's amazing she said. But what if something happens. What if something in the water touches me? Alexi felt her heart throwing in her chest and her breath quickened as the bird in her belly begin to flap. Its wings harder. Her father and mother saw Lexi's panic annex starting to take over they took her hands and walked her a few steps into the ocean. Feel her mother said notice. Otis where you are right now breathe deep kitto and tell me what you feel. Waxy listened and followed their directions plunging her hands into the water. She grabbed a awful of wet heavy sand and let the pull of the waves sift it through her fingers. I feel cool water water. She said I feel a tug from the tides on my for I feel the warmth of the Sun. It's a hug I feel the sand and in my pa the smooth grains and the rough shells if feels nice right. Her father asked it does but what if a fish touches me. Her father put his arm around her hugging her close with a big furry paw her mother leaned in from the other side curls her tail around them. Then you'll feel that too and you'll be just fine. They sat there for a moment. And then Wilbur yelled from behind them. Waxy we're going to play tag common play with us. The nervous SUISA looked at her parents. And then back to Wilbur. Go and play her. Dad Said and when you need a break you can go back to the house. You're allowed to be on your own. Sometimes when things are too much but remember waxy the world is where everything happens not just the bad stuff but the good stuff too. If you hide away you'll miss it all and we'll miss you too. Thanks I love you guys. Waxy said giving her parents a hug. We love you to her. Dad said hugging her right right back with a final squeeze waxy got up and ran for the beach. Sure she's still felt a little nervous but the the bird was only snoring this time no flapping at all. The Sun was warm on her for the air. Sweet in her snout it was is a wide and wonderful world out there and she had gains to play the end. 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