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Todd browning's freaks is matt lauer like yesterday was like oh there's matt lauer when he comes in the restaurant god just walked at matt lauer yes mr lower yes missed lau flowers are ready readiness to lower yes missed a lower we've brushed your seat off of crumbs yes mr lau announced like at this matt lauer oh hi missed allow i'm sorry that table that use i'm sorry that tables occupied missed the lower we have another one figure though over in siberia as matt lauer wonder what they do after a thing like this i don't know what are you i mean what are you go after this the younger guys got young kids he's got probably plenty of money salted away all right matt lauer was being edited out of tree lighting coverage embassy boss tell staffers lower expressed remorse when fire uh kathie lee gifford on who that is wants forgiveness and mercy from matt lauer matt lauer matt lauer al alam amount out without last say it over and over again see how long if you say the words matt lauer repeatedly for a few seconds you'll see how insignificant he actually is say it not allow allow allow allow allow allow allow he's not just another man just another claude of humanity marching around yesterday a god today claude of humanity i'm not celebrating doesn't matter to me one way or the other these are the people who are the gatekeepers of the media they thought they were god almighty meanwhile lowers former model wife in that has remained silent she briefly filed for divorce in those six claiming she suffered quote quote cruel and inhumane treatment from matt who who she said a legal documents was controlling and demonstrated quote extreme anger and hostility unquote she withdrew the divorce filing a month later she lives fulltime in the hamptons with the children and matt lauer matt lauer matt lauer matt lauer matt lauer matt lauer millau matt allen lower malala lives in manhattan but not now he's on the way up to tell us son what happened because apparently the sun doesn't have an iphone and he doesn't regard read on the internet any weight say it is what it is that's the world will living in that's why yes that this morning i tweeted something's wrong the whole picture doesn't make sense to me so i tweeted the following comment if i could get it up you're just through.

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