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I'm going to do a I don't know if I can say this podcast but Jewish version of it I'm GONNA use cheap ingredients I'm not going to how they work I'm going to sell it for a buck less and call myself and you'll pay for it at the end of your life in the hospital so it's not food is how you do that but that changed our languages are thinking so I'm actively working with those guys eight got upgrade your products just a little bit love it everyone's willing to spend a half a cent start this interview or kind of set the tone to give people some perspective and also to put their minds at ease using a quote that I've heard you say in relation to your new book which is aging is a death by a thousand cuts so can you elaborate on that because I think that concept is so freeing you know we're we're looking at aging something that's inevitable most people listening or single human I'm old there's wheelchairs diapers I can't care for myself and then lose my own brain and then I die after bankrupting my family this is the picture of agent we have now in his completely wrong in backwards and not real the real serve aging as I become the village elder and full of energy and life and now I have knowledge and wisdom to give back and that's how the world has always worked and it's just the weird aberration in the last few years that people have had this false picture not even the last few years when you say the last what twenty thirty years more than that maybe it's very reasons but there's one thing so if aging is death by thousand cuts what if you just had a few less cuts than they weren't as deep would you live longer or at very minimum if I'm wrong would you live better in terms of having more energy looking better when you're older not having love handles not having a muffin hop in your brain as you age all that stuff that we accept as inevitable it's totally not inevitable take less hits now over old you are and then reversed the hits you've taken and when you did that you actually can age backwards correct me if I'm paraphrasing this wrong but basically you don't have to do everything perfectly you can choose to have that thing that isn't great for you you as long as you're making an informed decision and as long as you're considering how can you make the choice is less damaging and then maybe what you can do to help repair the damage but ultimately your perspective isn't that we all need to be super perfect it's that how can we be the best superhumans by making formed decisions and just kind of being aware of the decisions that we're making in how they're going to have an impact on us and then what we can do about it so it'd be really cool to just eating deep fried cheesecake balls or whatever you like and drinking beer it's good for me we know it's not true and look the studies are really so then all right I'm only going to drink really good wine instead of just drinking the wine out of a box from taking those thousand cuts to saying all right when I do have a glass of wine I'm really GonNa like it and I'm going to prevent it from harming me so I don't take the cuts it's at mindset yeah nobody loses in that you still get to live your fund amazing tasty happy life you just get a lot more years of it a question I get all the time issue leaned can I still have alcohol is alcohol healthy for me if I'm drinking a glass of wine or if I'm doing it in moderation drinking alcohol on a regular basis is not going to improve your health long-term there's plenty of benefits and we have studies to support them enjoying glass of wine might just be good for your health as with most things not all wines are created equal just because you're drinking red wine does not mean you doing something good for you you as a matter of fact it was learning about how domestic winds here in the US what they're allowed to put in the bottle and they're not wired to label that explained to me why had these crazy headaches. I mean I did not like wine every time I had a glass of wine it was kind of unpredictable how I would feel the next day and soon I figured out from listening to an episode bulletproof radio with Dave asprey I learned about a company called dry farm finds more importantly I learned about what it is were allowing into the bottles of L. Call and winds here in the US and why it's so important to know what's in your.

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