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I I thought. Oh Man I don't know how to do this and so I don't know how came out but it's But it was. It was fun to do now. You have a couple projects I like to talk about. I don't know if they've been out yet are coming out. One is from called from within you play Pastor Joe in that what. What type of film is at? It's a horror film said You know after my last horror film Remain nameless again. But you know they sent me the script it was actually you know that at least the first half of the script I mean I found it genuinely spooky. Oh it was. It was genuinely creepy and the role. You know I mean basically I flew in on Thursday and I was done by Sunday back on Sunday. All my stuff was squeezed into just a couple of days and the director is this wonderful. Wonderful EP Fading Papamichael who shot you know Three ten to Huma W we shot. And he's he shot walk. The line there was. There was one scene where I'm preaching to you know my congregation the band back. And the you know it's it's very like you know until you know evangelist type thing and and Fade and was saying you know this scene you know we would have shot in in three days on. Walk the line and you know basically from within. We shot it in the morning before lunch. What they did was I mean when I got there. I really was kind of excited about it because they really do. Shoot it in this kind of we shot in this very small kinda beaten downtown in Maryland and they really just wanted to. It was very atmospheric and subtle. You know and they really wanted to get a certain look to the film and I and I think You know so that the cree penis was not hitting you over the head. Just part of the atmosphere and I you know from from what I saw it. I thought they did a really good job. It's been in a lot of Film festivals and it's just been picked up by a European Company for distribution this. Oh but it's but it's it's it's won some awards at some film festivals. And it's it's kind of making that circuit but it's a it's a small little independent film but it's got a great you know Thomas. Dekker is Elizabeth Rice. Oh yeah he's yeah it's got a good cast and fading was was. It was great that that he directed this as a DP his crew working. And if you're gonNA shoot something fast and cheap. It's great to have somebody who really knows what they're doing and what they want and you know boom I. It's you know and can make it happen. And and they were great group to work with. That's cool and then also there's one called leaving Bar Sto which is in California. I know that so. Yeah yeah that's also making the film festival rounds. That was one that another little independent film where they sent me the script. I it's it's a great carry. It's not. It's not sci fi or anything like that more of a human you know coming of age drama and kind of burnt out. You know high school. Physics teacher takes this smart kid under his wing and tries to encourage him. But there's also stuff going on with my character that you find out through the film literally what's eating you know. Okay it really is. It's just about the acting there and Peter Page Who was an actor himself and he was directed a couple of films Directed at and it was. It was really good and and the way they shot that you know he had it was shot in a way it was very kind of fluid and you never quite knew where the camera was and there was something very improv. Satory about it and spontaneous and and it was really good for the movie We're on Yeah Oh cool. That sounds great to to interesting projects to look forward to. Yeah and the leaving. Barstool is one. I know at won the audience award at the Long Film Festival and it's done quite well at a bunch of other festivals. You know I don't know you know if it's going to be picked up for distribution or not but it's but it's definitely making the rounds what's Nice is eventually everything heads to DVD and that's such a great market too. I mean it's DVD's is a billion dollar market so it's just I incredible so yes. And that's you know that's part of what Sag is finding about right now. Yes I know I know. Yeah it's it and it's just the whole industry has just done a one eighty from From what it used to be you know and before you negotiate for movies and television and that's you know and now it's like online you know. Dvd pick up. You can pretty much watch anything online right now. I know I know so it really it. Unfortunately it's really cutting into actors incomes as you know we're not making any money from the reruns anymore and and you know that's kind of how you lived sure that you were able to continue pursuing your career Because the you know when you get paid for an episode residuals for the reruns. It's kind of like deferred payment. Sure a lot of the deferred payment is being taken away and then. I WANNA give anything for online or DVD. So it's so it's kind of we'll see we'll see what's happening. It's huge changes. Yeah I think they'll I think they'll realize no eventually have to pay you. I mean just like with the writers. I mean they've had to do something else. Yeah but but the writers was just the first step right. It wasn't you know there's still a lot of holes in that deal but it was. You know it was on the right track anyway. Yeah it's GonNa take but I think eventually everybody will get what they deserve. Yeah yeah absolutely our industry but yeah but everywhere. Yeah it's just a very very different world and I even find myself watching a Lotta television on the Internet. It's really funny and it's just it's just this thing were you know you can always watch it either on TV or on you know and not what it is. 'cause sometimes you don't have the time and Right right and then and then you get impatient. I'm I'm very impatient watching anything in real time. Now me to me too. I won't do it. Yeah I how record it and watch it later young so I can skip the commercials. Which then sort of knocks hole in holes in the whole financial structure of the way at least mainstream. Tv works advertiser driven so. Yeah so what? Are you going to do? Lots of lots of things to be ironed out any sensory absolutely. It's like great technology but home Senate problems as always yes. That's the way it is. It is yeah I really WanNa thank you for taking the time to speak me. I've had a great time and looking for some of the things you've done and and a lot of memorable roles I mean it's I've been. I've been very fortunate. It seems to keep happening. How many actors can say. I played Bobby Kennedy. Not only once but twice. Yeah so that's pretty good. I mean certainly icon of the twentieth century and then as a privilege and to be on series like you know Star Trek. Once you're in one of those it's like you're you're part of history just doesn't Never goes away. I am very much appreciative of the whole star Trek just to be part of that part of that history because it just seems to me that you know the whole mythos of it revolves around some kind of optimistic feeling about about the future and that that cultures and societies and stuff finding ways to work together and live together. You know and and I think that's a really important message to be you know to carry. I mean especially the original series. Yes on that. It's just you know there. There's a a real message of optimism there absolutely so it's nice to be part of that history. Absolutely well thank you again. It's been a pleasure. This is Tony till auto. Thanks again for listening..

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