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Lee no no we're so grateful thank you amy about really means a lot all right we're going to go cry you guys go listen to this episode in the facebook group we love you pessimism on by we're still good at interrupting dragged bay i oh sorry it's me you by this episode is brought to you by altera pure super super excited to have altera as one of our newest sponsors they didn't create this brand to make a ton of money they started this company to make a ton of change and they were inspired by their neighbors and friends who grew their own food and like made their own bread and in in the same way they have made these textiles themselves from seed to sanctuary and their extensive knowledge in textiles have allowed them to simplify the process but still give close attention to the design it is such a thoughtful brand and they are you know doing their part and saving the world they are committed to deliver a true and verified product they're committed to sustainability to fair trade with their partners to the communities that to build this product and they partner and support industry organizations to further their knowledge and capabilities i love white in my bedroom and these sheets purchased studying and so comfortable usually takes about a washer to as as you do with other sheets as well but just to soften them up a little bit just so you know when you order yours but you can go to altera pure dot com a l t r a p r e dot com and you can use our code almost thirty for twenty percent off your first order they are so transparent about their process and want you to be comfortable purchasing these sheets do gays pillowcases so they're open to any of your questions which we love i mean just be honest and like the product will sell itself truly so again almost thirty is the code at altera pure dot com for.

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