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We'll see how it plays out. So you got to really watch the main track. Peter, that's the beauty of it. You know, it doesn't matter if it rains. Race 6, the second leg of the Rainbow Six, 6 furlongs on that main track. It's a $50,000 maiden claimer. Another well balanced field here. How about this race? Yeah, I went with the two dignified he's turned it back to the three quarters today. Responded to the equipment changes the blinker's office and he became a new horse. It was a really well meant second in there. You getting taco Lopez in the saddle today. Thought that was, you know, the one to be used also the analogical, the daughter of a classic empire. A sappy Joseph junior neck unsigned, just the other day Edgar had four wins on the 8 race card and chaffe had three of those four wins. So I'm not leaving him off the tick. And then I used the outside horse also on outside the 11 prompt that was the daughter of more than ready. You know, the barn is okay, chantel in the saddle, but I think the race goes through the two dignified. All right, so we're two by three so far to kick it off four 11 with 2.8 11. Race 7, third leg, halfway home $20,000 claimer myelin 16th on that to PETA's surface. Tell me about this one. I went with the 5 midnight Bella is hoping for clear and Sealy had some actually had nowhere to run in the stretch last time out so a little bit of a trip note here finished fourth at the same level in Disney for Gerald Brooks. Miguel Vasquez in the saddle today. So I thought that was a logical one, but I also used little bit go to goes to the Gilbert desert performance like 29% first off the claim widow leading ride at God and then map them up Timmy hills is coming from vomit. It ran really good on the turf of this. So I thought maybe that horse had a shot to run on the all weather today. Yeah, that's one of the unknowns, right? I know they say turf horses run better on the synthetic. It was like that when they had it in at keenland and you look at turfway and tracks like that. But you really don't know for sure if the horse is going to handle that new surface. No, you make a great point, then you show me the stats. I haven't seen it. You know what I mean? We've been keeping record and they can come from. They could be on any previous surface in red, okay? They just kind of like it. Well, the nice thing is is that you're getting 15 to one on the morning line on map them up. So if the horse likes it, you can really put yourself with a little bit of distance in between some of the other folks who are playing that Rainbow Six. I know it's a mandatory payout. But boy, you pop a couple of those long shots, and you're looking at the lion's share. Yeah. You know, nice payoff. I mean, even if you just get what on days like this, if you got a decent ticket, you could make 8 $9000 even if you share it with a bunch of people, you know? Walking through today's mandatory Rainbow Six sequence with Gulfstream analyst Ron nicoletti here on the horse racing radio network. We've taken a look at the first three. Race 8 is the fourth leg. It is a $6250 claiming event. 62 50, one mile on the main track. What do you think, Ronnie? Yeah. These horses take turns beating each other. So I went with mister Tito's. It's going to try and make it tuna in a row. He really had a good performance last night breaking from post 12 he rallied 5 wide. I used here comes a bullet with bob hes junior. I like to work the jockey Edwin Gonzalez does. And then what do you do with doctor Jay, who is solid and you go back and look at this race, he looked like he went into overdrive at the 16th pole and he came almost caught mister Tito at 20 to one. So I use those three. Here's the race where if you got that single, I think this is where you got to go deep. I'm going three deep and I can I can I'll listen to anybody in this particular spot. Do you ever hit the all button in any of these races in your Rainbow Six if you can afford it? Yeah, yeah, definitely. You know, if I could find those two singles, you know, you try and do that. That's the great thing, but I'm telling you, there's no I do not see a single here today for myself. I'm only speaking from my ticket. So if you can, more power to you, anybody out there. Yeah, it's a tough sequence. Race 9 is a mile in the 16th optional claimer 20,000. It's the penultimate race in the sequence. Another race where you can go a couple of different ways. I would imagine. Yeah, I went with 6 ripped and stepping up the competition, defeated those 22 lifetime claims, but the tech checked that out. David Floyd is ten for 20 50% on the Peter. We call him the to Peter king. I was just walking in with him today this morning and making fun of me goes, how come you don't have me on him? Amazing. Wreckage. So, you know, playing the percentages there and Chantal in the saddle. So 50%. So he is stepping up the horse. I use cats to dream too, who defeated ribbon spirit a couple of starts back. And then a point did it goes to the desert of Bond. I just thought that riveting spirit here is where I did go three deep, but I think you can maybe zero in a plate of percentages. Right there in paper. You know I'm black and white. Yeah, you know, 50% strike rate. That's almost strong enough. At least just based on numbers to go ahead and single riveting spirit. And Ronnie you're getting 6 to one on the morning line. Yeah, yeah, no, I like this one. You know, the braces were so hard. Thank goodness. I don't have to make the morning line anymore. 5 years. You know, but yeah, you know, that's what I'm saying. It's going to be that I really believe it's going to be that kind of day. You know, this last leg last race in the sequence race number ten. Boy, this is I'll tell you you could go. This.

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