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Love to write a lot of your songs when you're in this subway here i love that to me about that because a lot of people would be like that's the last place where i could get any writing done well i find i find it hard to sit in my house and read for some reason it occurs to me that the other things i could be doing in my home for something i wanna work on all i wanted to be a place wreck in lake on heather via temple but anyway the subway you're very limited in your options what you can do you can stand said listen look so i read usually in order to write lyrics i have to rafter read stuff but i think at six amazing and the nice start stealing it and start working with it and so the subway just seems like a great place to do that it seems like a grace of that time you've got this song called bumble fabrica which has a spanish sounding name kanye and let's take listen something menlo way concerns so swing the eu gin and ps by mandela mammal may rang luke kennard between ghiz alone dan monitoring in in this trial now glen schofield in his size but this season what will oh that draw the colombian should suggest now and then it just moves in it kind of develops in a picks up in any kind of goes back but would it what's this song mumbo fabric outbattled like what what was the process for this on titled comes from my dad is obsessed with sol steinberg and for those who don't know saw steinberg is is a cartoonist who kind of walk the line between cartoons and finer delays three million new yorker covers them but basically madonna hasn't cover books was big coffee table retrospectives and i love the stuff at the it gives me his whole world to dive into industry makes you feel like a kid again and in it one of the photos of his notebooks it said monday tuesday wednesday thursday bumble far rica and i was like yeah is is lifted my notebook and i was like bombo fowdie cut so immediately i think of a factory when i think far rica i love the fact is the k come on me russian or something and makes it.

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