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Of really putting cocaine. Joe welcome to fever dream dreams. Thank you so much for being with us on the pod today. We're excited you. How you do in jail when after that introduction. I can't tell you how on bordering ecstatic. Can you follow me around like you. Can you tell it to my be great mother. You couldn't afford me. i love it. Thank you very much for your Your your kudos kind. Words appreciate thank you so much for being here and first thing we want to talk to you about. Was you have just put out a movie in theaters and gone through this marketing campaign for a movie that just got a wide release. During the corona virus health scape that is currently throttling obviously the entire country arguably the entire world. but also it's made it very hard for hollywood to figure out how to make things profitable of course unless it is a gigantic morville sequel of sorts. Can you tell us a little bit about what went into making that actually putting out this movie wild. The virus is still ravaging. The country in hundreds of bodies are still piling up every day. I mean again in light of extraordinary tragedy. Styling were experiencing nationally but globally. It's a little insensitive. I think that you know to to kind of simply talk about the rigors of filmmaking. When it's not really but again against the pandemic and against what kind of pose i think again i think our our instinct is always trying to return to some sense of normalcy in some sort of we wanna be centered and i think part of getting back to work aided in that and i think but again going into that which amounted to kind of guerilla warfare. Because you're we used a group from doctors without borders kind of broken off. That saw the the need the way that mercenaries legionnaires will see. This will see the need for something and rush into the into the fray and so it was a very fraught process. Because they had they're used to going in and shutting down ebola outbreaks not working on a film set and there's a certain decorum and a certain protocol and they weren't aware of these things created a lot of problems a lot of screaming matches and a lot of hurt feelings a lot of tears and it was difficult and it was abbreviated a lot of ways. Because we couldn't. I didn't have the normal. You know it's very difficult to direct when your face is covered in your eyes or shield. Because you're the natural kind of expressive range that you might depict or display for an actor is limited. So there's little things like that and then just again just running headlong the safety protocols in the kind of the stuff that was being forced upon everyone understood and then just the amount of false positives was really really frustrating because it took people offline that were perfectly healthy and again. This is not to aid in the whole ridiculous antibac- cer- anti mask idiocy. That's completely subsume this country but there was great frustration with not having those tests be a consistent they could have been. What group was this that you're describing as medical mercenaries who was a doctorswithoutborders offshoot. Is this something in the studio sends to films at sort. This is something we were working on. Other trier film called leo from toledo which is kind of a crime thriller that we're gonna shoot in puerto rico and one of these producers had put this group together and was looking to almost patent the use of this particular playbook this kind of schematic for how you were going to battle krona virus onset. So he kind of he was making money off. Basically licensing this group to us. And i just found them to be wildly obnoxious in road and not necessarily that good at what they were doing. Because there's a lot of news we say not as we do. They weren't wearing masks all the time they were kind of and yet very kind of would chastise Take umbrage smallest little slights. And how does that look like. You're trying to direct frank grillo and gerard butler during a big shoot-em-up scene and then there's almost like a medical mercenary group almost in essence co directing. You at the moment. How did that work on the set while it was difficult. Because i told you know we. There's a couple one. Mass bras might director photography. Who's a fiery spaniard to say. The least did not appreciate them encroaching on his process and he let him no uncertain terms. And i did have a moment of. I'm not a yeller screamer. I don't do the the michael bay kind of tear people's heads off style of directing. I'm reasonably chill. But they. Until i feel like okay now you just take a piss i. We're not gonna do this. I need to be able to communicate with these people. And i need to be to direct them. And you're now interfering in that. And i'm me fully masked i wear within three feet of this person when they're also mass is not going to. We're not going to spread the contagion. And i just felt that they were getting a little now. They're costing us time. And that's the biggest sin you can commit on a film set is when you start burning time because it means you're either lazy incompetent or a combination of the two and it's it's okay to a lot of bigwig hollywood Isn't the big time. One of the biggest crimes you can commit is losing money. What do i do that is the thing that is the opens the spigot on what you just said. Lost time is the opposite. Reaction is the loss of money. And that's when you start losing days you start going behind. Nothing is more costly than the day costs on a movie. It could arrange some of the marvel films have three or four million dollar a day day costs extraordinary sue. Joe cops out this come out. Looks like a great shootout. We got gerard butler. We got frank grillo in a jail here. And i guess one thing i appreciate is. This does not look like your typical cova movie. This does not look like a guy taking a phone call for two hours. What can people expect from this movie. I mean it looks like it's got a lot of energy it does know. It's kind of this contained thriller. And it's very much a throwback kind of i was again you mentioned Swing you mentioned. Freakin white absolutely adore. You know robert. Rich don siegel. Sam peckinpah those types of kinda seventies seventies. Joseph sargent with taking a pelham one two three. I really wanted to make that kind of moving. In fact just repurpose the theme for magnum force at the beginning of cop shop. So that's From this is we just did it. Because i just love that vibe in the weight kind of immersed you into that in that world this kind of you're not quite sure what timeframe is but kind of like when you saw controlled men. There's only one indication that movie takes place in one thousand nine hundred eighty which is when our talks about the quarter from nineteen fifty-eight traveling twenty two years to be here which i thought was such a brilliant conceded that film you had no idea that was a period film. It was so it was kind of it was kind of i. Wanna make this kind of immersive seventies. A cop movie dirty harry which which i love and kind of unapologetically that type of film contract something that you and i talked about before. Joe is that you in a weird way. At least in my opinion is one of hollywood's more curiously political action film makers of the past couple of decades. Smokin aces stars. Guys like ray. Liotta and ryan reynolds. What a lot of people didn't realize when it came out during the bush era is that it's an anti iraq war movie but that kind of courses through its veins and orpington surface. The a t. Movie with in and bradley. Cooper is obviously rather anti state and anti cia abuses. So i can kind of guess what your political and ideological perspectives were on the past. Five years or so. It doesn't take a genius to sort of tease that out. But what affected have on your creative process in terms of making an action movie over these past five years. Because i got say when i followed you work over the during the trump presidency. I didn't see a lot of injection of your perspective on what this presidency in. This era of politics meant for the country. I think swin. It's kind of a. I didn't feel the need to wallow in the despair and misery that all of us i think were suffering from on a day-to-day basis to the point. Where it was. I mean those last two years. Ptsd you know it's like there was no outrage set. That trump could shatter that record the very next day and i thought to kind of in this is why the instagram became kind of an outlet to just kind of blow my feelings on on that way but i certainly thought spending a and a half of my life you know kind of enunciating. What was already being blasted. Your bullhorn would not have been mentally or creatively. The best place for me to be so i think it became very became more of a..

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