Andrea Mitchell, Iraq, Mike Pompeo discussed on Abe Lincoln's Top Hat


Now he even has of my understanding of this next clip from andrea mitchell is she supports him to some degree i believe if i'm understanding this correctly will play of course andrew mitchell msnbc certainly not a trump supporter by any stretch of the imagination but she seems to think that there's a change in pompeii oh and again going back to rand paul someone who aligns himself quite often with the freedom caucus not necessarily official member but might as well but rian pulse ain't hey i talked to pompeii oh about iraq i talked to pompeo about afghanistan and he is sure me that he thinks those two orders for the very least iraq was a mistake now he didn't really have those thoughts when it mattered in the lead up to those wars but nonetheless that's why rampal decided to go ahead and support him andrea mitchell here here she is talking about how there's a change in mike pompeo cheerleaders you know but i'm telling you that there is such a change with mike pompeo this is a guy who might have come with some they might have been some concern about him from people who looked at his past visit tea party congressman from kansas he was really part of that thing gossiping position but in fact he comes in with such goodwill over there he calls him patriots he has proved his first couple of days he just he got sworn in not ceremonious just a quick swearing in and right after the confirmation got on a plane went to nato and then went to the middle east and that was really important rex tillerson had never been to israel as secretary of state other than accompanying the president who is summit never a solo visit to israel mike compete with trying to take back middle east diplomacy from if you will the white house jared kushner and others who were not professional diplomats and trying to plan his flag there now he made some arguably some mistakes on that trip in not talking about gaza talking about the palestinians and and dealing with that issue which this ministration is not but that first appearance at the state department was terribly important question is now does donald trump have a real ally and can pump e oh mike pompeo be an asset to the trump administration by the hyper partisanship of our country right now this is about as much.

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