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Wow up that rookie how big is that rookie jamaal agnew university of san diego two railroads if you did him nearly dropped at pont when he tried to catch it and they takes off that 88 yard house call the old lions what a fumbled up all right there on the twelve and given the giants needs you touched down but this crude us do a little bit different this crew did not even need to resort to fourth quarter heroics you are the types of things that they've been famous for for the past season plus now wasn't perfect backup greg robinson was a penalty machine left tackle and nobody put up crazy offense of numbers but they did enough and that's what you have to do to win some times and it's what the lions have not done in the past and should i got lucky like when matt prater that fuel went off the upright and went in shorts luck but it's not a lucky win lucky bounce lucky play but not a lucky win that was a legit win on the road in prime time they were into new jersey and they carved up the giants the way gino in san antonio usually carbs up the motor city total domination now i'm not saying that makes them the favorites in the nfc i'm not saying that jim caldwell she gin extension right now but i am saying there is something different about this crew the how good are they i dunno dave beating the cardinals and they beat a bad giants team and now they've got a very different beast in the atlanta falcons company their place on sunday handle the nfc champs and then we had that conversation hell hailed them and then this thing looks very very different but in the meantime what are they they're tune oh this is good and i know something else the nfl as much better when the detroit lions or better check that life is better when the lions are better because that's a great town and it's one that deserves to be happy when it comes to football on pump for the d on pump the lines fans who have been held back i'm still not exactly sure who or what they are based on who they've beaten but they've won their first two and i can't wait to see what they've got this weekend against the falcons who once again look like the.

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