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The director of the phenomenon. That really good amazon. Yeah best probably ufo documentary ever. And he's currently working on a second one about the roswell incident of brazil. So they had their own. Yeah and this is in nineteen ninety six and so unlike roswell these people are still alive and it was one of those events specifically doing close encounters of the third kind where humans have supposedly contact with whatever beings are controlling the ship and he went through all these questions about what. He's seen what he hasn't seen. He seemed like a very a legitimate person in terms of what i think they are. I have no idea. Wow so you're like among so. Because i think last time we spoke you were like i think i'm leaning towards inter dimension. Still may still leaning towards inter dimensional. Yeah jacques valet. I really liked. But then there's all these like. I mean it is just so then there's like the nuts and bolts theory vasan is endlessly fascinate yet. And it's so it's interesting that everyone has like an idea of what it is but they're called unidentified flying object like if you have to accept that they are unidentified That's weird and so this paper talks about what they did. Was they switched the emphasis to the word objects. They made it a non object. So it'd be something that would that would go. Oh whatever those are those are just a. There's nothing out there. Dentist flying objects or just military experiments or something like that. There anomalies like psychological anomalies that are popping up people are lying or hoaxes so they any time they just removed the object hood of the ufo as a way of basically dealing with it because they have no better way of creates calmness when they removed the object. Yeah i guess is supposed forget. Exactly what the argument. It's kinda complicated. And it's based on like critical theory and all this stuff. And i kind of went over my head but it was something like that. Basically was you you. You cannot acknowledge that these are things because if you do it opens up so many different possibilities are they don't we don't have the ability to kind of deal with will guess we don't have the ability to deal with like on an individual basis let alone society. We're kind of dealing with a lot right now. Right right and and it's so crazy how it's like all this stuff is kind of kicking up a little bit as like. We're all kind of in this state of panic and get sern and guarded like we're all kind of vulnerable and it's really interesting timing. Yeah i think that is what i get. Most excited about there seems to be some kind of synchronicity. Connection with how people are all stressed out and these things. I guess i was reading something. Some a report of a guy talking to a in the military hussein the guy who worked at the air force and you take all the stuff with a grain of salt. Everybody can be making everything up time. Whatever if you imagine it. Superfund and basically he was like are we. Seeing an increase in activity in the air force guy made like a wave motion and then he was like a goes like this. This is kind of how the activity goes. He's like right now. We're at an emotion. Does the top of a wave for some reason And you can see like patterns in the past you can see the way of like you know it might not be like linear but yet but there's pops yeah yeah you could totally see how often picks up sometimes and sometimes there's years where we don't hear shit about. Ufo's we don't hear shit about aliens. No one's got new theories it and yeah that makes total sense that we're kind of on the top of new Bright well and we're all looking for a distraction as well escape into transcendent fire for days mackinaw. Yeah there's all sorts of there's that whole feeling of like lake hopelessness in politics and and humanity and social issues and things like that. You kind of can't help the feel the the pressure of hopelessness You when you think about like something beyond our worries something beyond our comprehension it kind of protects you from yup things a little bit. You can use the idea of an unknown as a possibility. I being saved or a possibility of hope or possibility of of of the hope variable variable. Yeah it's like you the variations of like. Yeah whatever anyway. But i i it's interesting. How like thinking of an outside anything and with what you were saying which is so fucking fascinating. The idea that our whole society is based on the soup that the subconscious the conscious idea that we are the one power of the universe And then suddenly faced with the possibility of that being untrue being like conscious raking and they think even in this even in the article they were saying like an argument against the idea that that people generally think that we're the top of the whole deal. Is that if you believe in god people would then be like well. I believe in god. So i believe of course that there's something far greater than us but even most people who subscribe to that worldview would say that god typically does not meddle in our affairs. Very much right doesn't try to like. He kind of keeps his distance plan personal thing. It's not like us like oh he's gonna jostle everything around and so it's still kind of anthropocentric even if you ended the government have to be because they have to go where the government were in charge. We have to protect all these people and we can't protect them if we don't know what it is that there's nothing there and and for the idea of like and religion and being a concept of something higher than us but but in control of like things makes it difficult to because it makes you feel like will if if god has a plan then like all of this is meant to happen and no matter what everything will be okay and that like protection is would still keep you within the confines of we are the ultimate power of the universe or whatever because we were created in. God's likeness and god is like yeah. You're still assuming you're the one that needs protection. Your star center of god's focus and shit and like the the pork that you're eating right right so when you go beyond god and you go to like aliens or like other dimensions or whatever you think like will. What are their intentions. And what are they protecting us. Do they even. Yeah you know. Do they have a plan for us. That aligns with like our beliefs and shit. Well listen i will tell you just as a research project. I did buy tickets to see angels and airwaves live and so i will get information regarding dude from the ultimate source along of wink when just those moments in between and they just tend to like talk just a little bit too much conversation. I was watching it. Because i bought the tickets after watching the video and that dude is i mean i love the guy i love the guy but he was on stage and he was just like punk band got really famous. And then i'd say you know what i'm going to figure out what's gonna aliens and then you know what i asked the government to let me in and you know what it worked i mean. What's the story. i don't know anything about the. Yeah he's just gone bonkers. He definitely has some ideas. That are pretty bonkers. But he's like. Jose can saco adult tom. Tom delay kaz.

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