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Now i know <hes> you're busy busy man and <hes> we just wanna talk some box i mean i guess the biggest fight of the weekend for boxing fans is cove lab versus anthony anthony yard and i was with my co hosts here. I'm a little bit like shocked that he's so confident in the untested anthony kinney yard and i was just comparing elderly alvarez's shots who upset kovolev and you know the rumor. Is you become once you become a champion like eighty percent better yeah but he wasn't able to keep that title. What's your thoughts on this fight yeah well. I think it should be really intriguing considering the way kovalev look last time out <hes> i think after especially after the andre losses you know i think a number of people thought that cove eleven lost it and and you have really done damage to him mentally <hes> you know but then he snapped back and you're thinking okay <hes> maybe maybe this guy is back. Yard is a big guy <hes> powerful <hes> but i think if if kovolev dot dot fights inbox like he did the last time i think we saw him <hes> i think it can be a really interesting fight but if he gets caught with something boy could be lights out now ward at some interesting things to say and i just want to i guess preference it by saying could this have possibly been said ed since he had gotten so much hate directed at them by yards camp most mostly a giant you tend to basically saying that anthony yard is better than andre ward a bunch of stuff for pound and all that so then ward comes out and he says you know that yard. We'll get stopped late. That muscles don't win. Fights pad were doesn't win fights unique conditioning and going from sea level fighters to an eighty. He called cova than a level fighter. It's the path that he would want his fighter to see <hes> yeah. I think you know a a lot of people i think now <hes> have that kind of <hes> thinking especially in light of what happened with anthony joshua and you know i think for the longest longest we had said you know when we were doing some anthony's fights how big he was getting and it was like yo he needs to cut down on some of the weight training and dan stick to more boxing training <hes> so i obviously i could see <hes> <hes> the point there. I think some of that did have <hes> <hes> something to do with it. When people were talking about <hes> the fight and andrei that you know obviously you're you're you're human so you're going take that into your response but i think he is on the money with it. I think yard guy that. If this thing goes deep into the fight i don't know if that plays into well into his skill set and <hes> you know i'll say it again for kovolev if he finds like when he fought a- later later alvarez the second time he boxed he moved. He didn't get sucked into a slugging match. <hes> i think it could be a fight that kovalev that could win especially on points before i pass it back to mike i want to say. Does this feel like a big fight for you or is it just us hardcore boxing fans that are really expecting or looking anticipating this due to i guess the the intrigue in in yard right being yes yes or is it a big fight among circle of casual fans yeah i think i think you know listen. We all know that a boxing using the sport. I think it's getting bigger and getting better now that it's getting more platforms national platforms <hes> they.

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