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Man? Oh, man. That song still I've heard this long ten thousand times, and I hear it again. And I don't I don't know if it's REBA being in a to the pushes me over the edge. But are you kidding me? Then she's things it back after our dad. I getting. Are you getting? There were a lot of red heads that had had a part in that tournament bride has has written daughter. I have to go through the red heads, and then REBA REBA factor in there as well that song and they're all into horses that song guys. I'm telling you. I don't know about said this shit. You guys are awesome. Have I told you guys that so far just making? Sure. All right. Four seven tell them. They're awesome. Listen, April, fifth the reboot record comes out there to songs out today. Luke combs with brand new man. Cain Brown with believe Brooks and Dunn here let me say this too because we have a lot of listeners on our Vegas station REBA Brooks and Dunn together in the Vegas Coliseum Caesar's palace. And so the twenty nineteen days on sale now or June twenty six twenty eighth and twenty ninth and July third fifth and sixth. So hope people go check it out. I'm going to go. You know, what I don't ever got anything. Right because I'm busy. I'm Wacoal, right everywhere. Well, you are I'm not that cool. But I am everyone. I'm trying to be I'm working on. I'm working hard, man. I was talking about dancing was like, dude. I just got off that show. And I saw you guys. And I was like, I'm tired. What everybody says hard house tired? I'm gonna come on watch one of these shows. We'll come on. Can you give us a tickets? We had some people don't like this on the. You show up your. Brooks and Dunn and yeah, check out. I'm excited about the record. I'm excited to see you guys appreciative of both of you guys like individually because until you guys together ever, but I appreciate you guys being called me. And yeah, thanks guys. Cool, man. Shit it one more time. Oh, you guys are awesome. Just want you guys. To know. You're a big part of my growing up and love and country music and small town in Arkansas that's getting smaller as telling you. Yeah. For me, man. I retired now. Like this. There's only a few people he out on. It was probably the Garth Brooks reading. Coming up with this is my childhood right here, doesn't what bucks. What did you grow up and talk on mount pine, which is seven hundred people outside of hot springs. But you know, as I do you go up in a small town in Arkansas. Oklahoma you go everywhere. So you know, you mentioned Eldorado, I know it. Well, we play ball down there. Yeah. So all right. I'm gonna let you guys go you've been here. A long time. I'd like to a couple more hours, but we can't run trying to walk out the door right now. So I'm not all right. I'm going to get out of your way. I'll feel like. Brooklyn. Good to see you guys. Thank you guys. Bobby show.

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