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There's another program and tough counter the tries to make sure women don't end up in prison in the first place women in recovery began in two thousand nine when it won pleads guilty the judge can choose to her to the program and set a prison at a ceremony earlier this year more than a dozen women receive graduation certificates from women and recovery rhona stone spoke to a crowd of supporters in france she told them how she lost a son to gang violence and was sentenced to the program after years of addiction and selling drugs i have been shy one this is the disease and he again anywhere faye their stories were painful but the graduation was a celebration a judge who had sent several of these women handed out the certificates as their families chaired the ladies on the number show women and recovery is having an impact the number of women going to prison from tulsa county is drop a plumb numbers from other counties continue to rise so if programs like women and recovery works so well why i think is throughout the state to reasons one is a lack of state money women in recovery is funded by oklahoma oilman and billionaire george kaiser foundation another reason is pushback from powerful prosecutors who don't favor reducing charges and rely on a lock them up attitude even district attorneys in urban areas such as david painter from oklahoma city believe and tough prison sentences he invited me into his office a conference table in the middle of the round was strain with papers and faulders worlds bushmeat rush right now since you're here in 2016 oklahomans voted to reduce sentences for drug possession and public farms prater spoke out against the changes he says without the fear of going to prison drug addicts won't change their ways i'll tell you i can't even give you a number of people that are told me david or mr da or whatever they want to call me um you have no idea but you saved my life when you sent me to prison in a report earlier this year a state task force recommended twelve changes in state law including cutting sentences for drug crimes in half most of the changes never became law prater explains that change come slowly to oklahoma where religion and.

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