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Business was not reflected yesterday's export sales report which showed twenty three point two million bushels of export sales for the week making a potential export business the USDA's attache to trying to forecast the Chinese soybean import program will come in at eighty four million metric tons that's down from the last USDA official projection of eighty eight million they continue to feel the impact of the reduced why her do the African swine fever in overnight trade five soybean futures are continuing yesterday's move higher trading up eleven cents is a record this week also rallied on the news that China was looking in fact trying to purchase at least two vessels of hard red winter wheat yesterday have been confirmed from a cash market perspective basis in interior U. S. seems to be holding steady while the port basis it's up five to ten cents per bushel and hard red winter wheat probably reflecting the need to get that we tear low those vessels weekly export sales came in at the low side of expectations of twelve point four million bushels we've seen some good rains in the southern plains and have more in the five day outlook that's serving to ease some of the dryness concerns finally in international news Ukraine's research institute for cancer grain crops will be ten percent smaller than the one they had in twenty nineteen in overnight trade Chicago's a dime hired Kansas city is up eighteen cents in Minneapolis is trading three cents higher to record this cotton futures continue to struggle yesterday with the may futures closing down a hundred and seventy one points to settle at fifty eight ninety three the overnight traders five futures of credit joined the rest of market trading higher with us five futures up a hundred and twenty four points is a record this yesterday saw the livestock futures drugs have really a a pretty nice rally June live cattle futures were up three dollars per hundred weight well may cedar cattle were up the four dollar and fifty cent limit lean hog futures also had a nice outing with the June Richards finishing day one dollar and eighty five cents higher class remote futures run fire as well with April futures closing thirty four points higher is a startling sixteen oh one any overnight trade we have trading in additional three points higher cash livestock markets raw stronger once again yesterday choice boxes had another huge day zero two dollars and sixty three cents to close at two hundred forty nine dollars and eighty seven cents per hundredweight selects for two dollars and fifty six cents higher to forty one oh six and pork carcass values integrated close zero four dollars and three cents to settle at seventy eight dollars and ninety three cents per hundred this is Craig how guards your financial issues and update we'll be right back with more financial issues after this let's say you just bought a house news your one step closer to becoming your parents which.

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