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Them. Maybe <hes> you know he's trying to say things that aren't as as good as they seem to be and they're not as bad as they today but I think a welcome relief more than normal to get down to <hes> The del Mar away from the you know the L._A.. Area away from Santa Anita let's face it. <hes> rather toxic up here is the last month or so and I think people are just relieved to be there and I think <hes> yeah when kind of forget what what what's been going on early in the year with with all the bad publicity and all the things going and had of a fresh start will get away from the big city so <hes> I hope that helped people respond and and you know support it the racing at del Mar and let people know because California needs to be part of the national rating seen as you know very much. It's one of those one of those situations that you can equate with professional sports where when when premier franchises are having a down period <hes> you'll you'll hear you'll hear the the phrase with the Celtics were off all the that'd be needs of a healthy Boston Celtics <hes> <hes> that that kind of mentality the the the Industry Council on California and so many different ways you know particularly from yeah the history. It's funny rick. You don't think about it because now it's been a number of years but a lot of what contributes to you know the the kind of Malays is that is being dealt with now. You probably can include the closing of Hollywood park as part of it. Well was a big part of it a very big part of it but let's think about this in California landscape you know ten years ago Hollywood close by by five years ago but just go back you know detracts only ran. I mean Santa Anita leave open up on the day after Christmas and Mid April we run the <hes> sandy the Derby <hes> four weeks away from the Kentucky Derby run another two weeks and that was over and then we'd go to Hollywood park and rates until the beginning of July take take a little break and then go to del Mar and so what I learned being being part of that sort of years I mean you see the you know the quote the schedule make ever made the schedule you know years ago. It was time to leave Santa Anita mid April the weather star. Get a little hotter and you know enough is enough three and a half months at one track is is is enough <hes> both for just mentally for everybody for the courses need a change and you go to Hollywood park. Kennedy was the weather would heat up in Arcadia May and June it could get into the eighth and ninth and uncomfortable and Joan <hes> guess what you're at Hollywood closer to the ocean new setting everybody started fresh and then we continue the season and so in Hollywood park goes away you know instead of now you said you know I've got different thoughts than than a lot of the people that were making the schedules but instead of sitting down defensively and taking again a few breaks here and there <hes> instead of making Santa Anita run from December twenty six literally into July without a break <hes>. It's not that easy to just plug in the the date and the race is from one track onto the end of another track. <hes> it's hard explaining. I didn't get it for a couple of years. <hes> you know you especially to take the states. I mean you could run you know three sprint races at Santa Anita and and then go to Hollywood Park and run three races. Wasn't that big a deal but when you put them together you can't run six races stakes at that Anita..

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