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Are you? Larry Sabato good. Are you Steve Kornacki good Chuck Todd good? How are you? Go and pick the winners and the toughest racers and the margin of victory and whoever gets the most points, I'm flying into DC to co host with me on the Tuesday after the election getting pretty excited at the bottom of the hour. John James is going to join me it takes some take some stones for you to. To call John James because he's four or five points down in the latest polls. But he's rising as they used to say on the rock and roll top forty like a bullet. I think my friend Tom try to set like a bullet a million times in his years on the radio. But one of the things that makes me crazy. Is Eddie glad is a friend of mine. Princeton professor I've done a lot of MSNBC with him. You know, I'm a contributed MSNBC. I worked for Salem. But I go shopping MSNBC whenever they want me when they don't want me. I don't force myself on them. They don't want me much these days because they're not putting Republicans on these days. But Eddie glad went on. And I have I was thinking of John James when he said this because John James loved Donald Trump and had Donald Trump's. Endorsement, but Eddie went on. I hope you can watch this over at hughhewitt dot com. They can pop up your computer or go to your phone get the live feed and watch this. 'cause this is Eddie glad and keep in mind. John James is an African American combat veteran of Iraq and -versity of Michigan NBA West Point graduate loved by Trump. He loves Trump. But Eddie glad says this cut number two. I it works politically. But I do because it means something citizenship in this country has always been tied to free white person since the naturalization act of seventeen ninety so when he votes this question of immigration, and you say plays with the Republican base. It's all about a certain conception of what nece this idea of whiteness that has led to eleven people being dead in Pittsburgh people in a Kroger girl. So here we are after the carnage and this. From break. Okay. That's an when I come back with Stephanie rule next hour, I'm going to I couldn't hear the audio there. I hope I can hear the audio next hour. I'm going to ask her Donald Trump's not a moral monster. He's a Republican John James African American combat veteran supporting immoral monster..

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