Floyd Mayweather, Conor Mcgregor, Maxwell discussed on First Take - Time To Box: 6/15/17


Is going to be so good but let's be rail floyd mayweather is considered arguably the best poundforpound fighter and even though conor mcgregor comes from a boxing background he has never fauna professional boxing match or face anything close to the level of this competition maxwell this pee more fight or more hype pipe and by the way i as a finn would by the fight there's no doubt whereby the height there's no doubt it's going to be spectacle i like the fact that you know you get to see it but on the kind of guy who likes to know like who wins a short career killer wear a national geographic channel by the way there's answer the killer whales not even close and that's like this fight but still on interested in it there is interest in it that's why it's being made but it is not a competitive sporting athletic competition that's not what this is what these guys understand though in a way that we don't i'd i'd like to lebrun and then k d abroad understood in spite of all the criticism making that superteam in miami is yeah yeah yeah criticism when i win the championships that other stuff will fade they'll remember the chips k deeds same thing he joins us who by he improved on the rods design old form a team of joint a team that's even worse than what the broad did see hello bronze considered the best watch what's going to happen to me and now there are arguments that kevin de incorrectly that that that kevin to rent is the best player in the world they understood it they were wiser than the rest of us in that way and this is what connor and floyd and data and everybody understand.

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