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With all the action of north Winston, Wilde Chad football. Back from our hills brothers coffee break at hills brothers. We believe that a great Cup of coffee jerk caused an arm and a leg. Chauffeur break Cup of coffee at a great price. Trumps the always great taste hills. Brothers coffee. You're one quarter. Northwestern has out gay Dak Rene total offense eighty five twelve forty six to eleven through the air thirty nine to one on the ground. The cats have five first downs. The zips zip there over four on third down. I the Wildcats start the second quarter with a first and ten are they accurate thirty seven moving left to right here. At rightly let Ryan field. I down Thorson backpedals firing. Dow the Seib left side ball is incomplete intended for sclerotic around the five yard line intended, covered by dense hill Butler. And it brings up a second down and teff great coverage. But more importantly, I should say a great pass protection. You're not going to be on the stand up in the pocket throwing deep down the left side of the field outside the numbers unless you have protection. I like that by the online Bowman wide left Nagel in a slot to the left side on second down and ten green shift to the left side of the line. The give Larkin running that way. Larkin across the thirty five hit a thirty nine yard line. Picks up a top eight yards Alvin Davis takes him down brings up third down at we have. A player shake on own. And that secondary of accurate. Fourteen forty to go to the first half Featherstone is down. I think he might have gotten caught up in the wash there the end of that play Featherstone a senior from Pittsburgh. He's a strong safety or is they like to calm here in Akron a Rover. This'll be a full media type break with fourteen forty to go on the half. Northwestern all.

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