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Toby knapp here if your car shopping you've probably heard these terms but what do they mean it's so confusing the championship that's your look back at this week in history bringing you the latest news and events but what do you think about it all is up to you newsradio fourteen ten wd move onto the gorsuch ruling on immigration and might even talking about this southwest flight that just got just terrifying engine blew up someone killed him and really josh share some thoughts on that one but i wanted to finish our discussion here of taxes and tax day because as i said the the biggest problem for state budgets is is public sector unions and the pension obligations that get racked up by some of these states and it's just out of control and those you work in the private sector need to understand that a lot of places state governments allow ployees to be very self paced almost unfirable you know short of real malfeasance theft or criminal activity almost and fireable and they have these gray pensions that are ironclad and in some cases it needs like as an amendment to the state constitution did not pay them the obligations that people didn't even realize the state employees we're going to get paid because it's ten years down the line and what that means is that going back to our oregon case study right now on a place like oregon you have you know guys they ask somebody named named bruce in this who makes fifty four thousand dollars a year and he has he's a retired car he was he was a carpenter is now retired but he made an average of fifty four thousand dollars a year he says he's been swinging a hammer for forty five years and he says it's an affront to everybody who pays taxes and he's right and a lot of you across the country whether you know it or not your state government is turning you upside down and and flipping out your pockets trying to see what kind of change they can get out of you making you do it or else they're going to seize your house and come after you for back taxes and everything else while they are paying these fat cat pensions to people that haven't worked in many many years and it's just wrong and it needs a.

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