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That's that's pretty much it while and then that's the bizarre thing too. Because you kind of you set this tone with godzilla twenty fourteen year. Okay this is the direction they're going to go in. It's going to be really like downbeat and miserable and just kind of dire and shit. And then they all the sudden doing about face and the next movie that comes along in the monster verse. If i'm not mistaken is kong skull island right that came before taking the monsters by predated by two years and kong skull island is the goofiest shit ever. it is essentially. It reminds me of like eighties. Direct to video like vietnam movies. Like shit that round would star in. And it's just like just cornball vietnam movies where war is hell and we have a colonel kurtz standing and they're like okay so we're going to do that but you've got a two hundred million dollar budget and also there's a big monkey like that's what it really feels like at eighty s d. tv. Movie to me. I i don't eat a good way. This is probably my favorite in the entire monster. Verse like totally different. But i think people really like i feel like we're on like an island here. I feel like we're we're we're in the hollow earth and everyone else is up above us because everyone seems to like twenty fourteen godzilla and then everyone universally hates the skull island one but that that seems like the fillet to me kidding me. Is that true no way i refuse to believe that. That's the general consensus for us to be down on skull. Because this was the only one of these. I'd seen prior. Actually i i saw it on. I saw it in cinema and like e. When i say i used to be down killing each people. It's so fun. I went to earn a work trip right so might literally. The only thing that brought me that brought me to cinema to one of these movies was that my alternative point was going to work and i watched it was fine. It was like i walked everything like that. As an absolutely like quintessential five out of ten kind of movie like it's fine. It has stuff it works. Okay and you know. It didn't really moved me. that much. But honestly re watching it again and certainly rewatching around godzilla king of the monsters yet. This thing is absolute. Who is the only movie. That has a paul will seems to deliver on anything you might think audience might want to see. It's confusing at certain points. I still don't particularly know vietnam. Based on whatever they paid for the rights for all the music that you would expect in the vietnam movie and then sang. Jackson is just being an asshole. Fair enough you know. It works the only one that really actually kind of travels through a story arc in a competent way like the tall impasses evenly only birds. Yeah there are actors in this movie that are given things to do and the funny thing is all these movies and you know. Talk about with any of them. The cast is amazing in every single one of these movies and yet they're given shit they're giving absolute shit. The only one the new one so much. I doubt i'm gonna cast budget for this new. I think everyone on king converse got really good especially the conspiracy theory guy. Because i thought that was really excellent. Cast famous famous famous. You're not getting the big names. it's not like people are like. Oh yes rebecca hall. The titular vicky from vicky cristina barcelona sin wasn't or whatever name is elizabeth olsen the youngest one. Oh yeah yeah she was. She's in she's in king of the monsters. She's not in. She's we're saying the new one congo's was and she was the wife of area man..

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