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For sure. Congressman Kelly Armstrong coming up, plus a question or comment Tanner in otter. Tail code is rich with natural resources, fertile, soil oil coal natural gas and wind energy North Dakota has a lot of it with wind farms and twenty seven counties. Renewable energy is an increasingly important part of an all of the above energy strategy. The public service commission should support wind development to move North Dakota to become energy dominant wind energy, good for you. Our communities. Our economy message brought to you by North Dakota's for comprehensive energy solutions. Chevrolet in Bismarck. And when we say, you, Dr we'll ride with you. We mean we'll be with you every step of the way for over thirty four years. We've known the sale of a vehicle is the first step in making you a customer for life. We're family owned and operated, and we care about our community and the people who live here. So experience the difference a car dealer can make at Pequot Chevrolet and Bismarck where customer satisfaction is our number one priority. You is your w g day forecast from weatherology dot com where you're going to see for tonight, showers and a couple of storms possible. Low temperature of fifty seven show isn't going to be likely area on Friday with a high seventy one southeast wins ten to twenty and we'll see a white night, Friday night, thunderstorms. Fifty eight Saturday, chance of storms warmer, high seventy five Sunday. Lots of chains historic, nice seventy seven from the flank center in forecast. Tony Boko on aim eleven hundred the flag right now. Sixty two here's the best deal ever for the best gift ever. My pillow premium pillows right now a two pack is sixty nine ninety eight plus shipping. That's thirty four ninety nine a pill. This is the lowest price ever on radio or TV go to mypillow dot com. Use the promo code Scott or call eight hundred five zero six nine zero two eight promo code Scott gets you to my pillows for sixty nine ninety eight plus shipping. Plus they come with a ten year warranty. It will not go flat and a sixty day money back guarantee sleep on it for two months. If it doesn't work send it back, Mike Lindell has invented the best pillow ever. There's no pillow better for a great night's sleep. No more tossing and turning and it's a perfect gift. Graduations, weddings birthdays. My pillow dot com, promo code Scott or call eight hundred five zero six nine zero two eight and it's made in the USA, right? Minnesota. Be a part of the flag patio party June twenty seven one of ten lucky listeners to party on our new outdoor patio next of thunder road, in Fargo right off by twenty nine lounge in furniture from deck masters, while enjoying granite city food and ice cold, bud prizes from personal touch, and a chance to win an outdoor pool table become a flag Facebook follower today and win the flag patio party. Brought to you by personal touch in Moorhead, Jack masters, granite city hot spring, spas, and DS beverages. Details at AM eleven hundred the flag dot com..

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