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One day at a time deals with some really heavy topics that deals with immigration deals with consent deals with sexual orientation. How has being on the show impacted you? I am exponentially better person because of the show. I I think I grew up very annot where and very ignorant of the world you. I like switched cultures when I was ten. I was completely new to this country and then I lived in Florida so I was just unaware of a lot of stuff. I didn't even know that I was unaware. I didn't realize there were more to learn and then move to la which is super liberal and super hippy. Dippy and super whatever and I get on a show like one day at a time where we're talking about these things that I know nothing about and it's just made me so much more aware it's made me so much more empathetic. It's made me realize that I am not the center of the universe. Which for a long time growing up as an only child and especially as an immigrant where it like. You only have your core family you think. Oh everything's kind of about me and how I'm transitioning through this and then I realized that that couldn't be further from the truth and is just it's Tommy so much about artistry in humanity and how much talking about these things actually means to people. 'cause I also grew up. There's all the talk of a presentation but I am white passing and Columbia. Everything was dubbed into Spanish. And so I grew up thinking that Hannah Montana and wizards to waverly place. Where about people like me because those girls looked like me and they were speaking Spanish and so it's just made me so much more aware. We interviewed a Gloria Feltler. Wrong Kellet out for one of our way back in the day Love her such a powerhouse. What have you learned from working with her? That anything is possible and that anything is possible on. You can still be nice. She is a powerhouse and she is taking over Hollywood and she is so nice and she can I curse and she gives a shit man like she gives a shit about everything that she does and everybody that's involved in her projects. And I think that is so powerful and meaningful especially in. I feel like our culture is so much about productivity. And and how much can you do? And how much can you like? Churn out and do whatever it takes to be that way like. I feel like you're in a few years ago. There was such an emphasis of like you can sleep when you're dead in like Hustle Hustle and you don't have to be nice if you just have to get it done and Gloria as the penny me of you can rest in have a balanced life and of course she still struggles with that but you can have a balanced life and be nice end still rise to the top. I think that is such a good lesson to learn this early on one day at a time originally on netflix loyal following dedicated following very vocal on social media and never more vocal than when. Netflix canceled the show. Where were you when you find out that they weren't going to pick it up for another season? I was in Vancouver and Mike and Gloria called me on the back and it's both of them and they don't. They're not screaming so I can tell something's wrong and Gloria says. Hey they're not picking our little show up and I felt like I get teary eyed. Just thinking about it. I felt my soul like unhinged like I just immediately started sobbing. It was really really rough and then I remember getting to the hotel room and calling my parents and crying in such a manner that they were like who died. Don't like what's happening. And it was like Monty family died and they were like you've been in this industry for fifteen years. You know this happens get it together and then when it got picked up again. I had been texting Mike and Gloria for a couple of days because I could feel it in the air that something was shifting and I remember Mike had told me will know by tomorrow and then I got on a flight to Spain so all of the time things were different and I had been on this flight for freaking like twelve hours whatever long and I got off on immigration and my parents had come with name and I opened my texts and I it was something like at Glory on Mike and Gloria said. Gomez you there and Gloria said Mike Gomez. They're glorious Ed. It's done we're doing the show or something like that and I didn't know how to handle myself I. I'm in an immigration. And he didn't I one of the trouble of my parents at the same time so I just like squealed to myself. I text my boyfriend at the time. It was like frigging like one. Am here to am here. And like I woke him up and he's like what's happening here okay and I was like shop. We got the show back and he was like. Oh my God and then I got to go the next day to a convention and I had a QNA schedule or a panel so there was what felt like millions of people in this frigging audience. And I got to tell them and we all got to just scream and cry together and it was just the most surreal. Couldn't make it up. Should be in a movie kind of moment. I've ever had blackness isn't just about race demilner and I'm a New York Times bestselling author on my podcast speakeasy with Dean. I dive into the beauty and humanity of blackness with people like writer tyree Jones journalist Dmitry Lucas and rapper killer. Mike LISTEN TO SPEAK EASY. Deneen from Georgia Public Broadcasting Subscribe for free at GP Dot Org Slash podcasts or on your favorite podcast APP having the show then having it taken away then having given back. How has that changed you and your approach to the work? I am infinitely more grateful for what I get to do. I I always realize that I was super lucky to be doing this show that I was doing. I realized that we were getting spoiled. Because every director that came in every guest starred that came in were like this is so special. There isn't a show like this and there isn't a cast like this and there isn't a set like this show business right now and so getting that taken away why it was so distraught because I realized what I had but then having a bag first of all it made me realize the power of telling stories that matter and that's why I got into this. I'm fascinated by humans and I like to tell stories that are in my own and the Alvarez family is a story that is the story of so many people that I know but that isn't told on TV often. And so. I realize the importance of that and I realized my privilege also my responsibility moving forward that as long as I have the ability to I would love to be able to do work on characters that matter and characters a half something to say and especially right. Now there's a lot of talk about like who gets to play one and so a lot of my roles now even though I'm white passing are mostly Latina ex. And if I'M GONNA play a Latina woman she better. She better be strong as hell and she better have something to say. You better be smart and she better have all of these things that I not women be that is not our portrayed at all and so getting it back has taught me that stories that matter matter and presentation matters and when you are telling a story authentically not only from the people in front of the screen but down to our writers or producers are directors the people that put our costumes on as the people that do our make up all of that matters and I think if I ever had the privilege to have a say in another project I would be much more aware of the things that I would want out of it. My bias would be that. If you're on a super buzzy show and you are this fresh new face of a super buzzy show that that opens up a world of opportunities in audition land the my understanding from reading other interviews with you as you actually feel like it has narrowed the range of roles that's offered to you. Yeah so what it is about that is you are told once you get a series regular that everything is easier for me though my experience was. I look the way that I look so I was going out for every role which meant mostly white rose because people didn't really put together that Isabella Gomez was Latina because she would like me and she spoke like me so I was going out of time. Granted I was also going out a ton for like guest stars. Unlike day players. So of course once. You're series rag. That your team goes. Let's not submit for those because you're trying to build going from series. Ragged to a one day player on a show is not really building. So of course those we're going to diminish however I became a series regular show. That is all about being a Latina. And it's all about our Latino culture and all my interviews have something to do with me being and I think that it's shifted the people's perspectives of me. I was no longer an actor. I was a Latina ex actor and unfortunately that means something right now and Mike team is incredible and they try to get me into every room possible and granted. Of course it did open a lot of doors. I started having like casting director meetings which I would've never been able to have about the show and I started like going in for like huge studio movies that would I would have never been seen for so it opened up doors but it also opened them up not in a way that I was expecting them to. I thought that I would be able to get to audition for everything and I don't because we have had casting directors say no. She can't audition for this role because she's Latina and my team be like. Hey sure.

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