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Other than we all like it. Let's all buy a TikTok said so. So there's some of that, but overall is just more interaction, more interest, more governments joining in and doing crypto stuff. There's just institutional. I mean, that's like, you know, you've got now you have the big funds that are looking at this. You didn't have a Michael sailor, you know, going all in on Bitcoin for years ago. You have people that are money people that are going all in. The story is different this time. You also have an ETF out there. And I just, it just feels like the powers that be would probably like to see it run a lot higher if for no other reason than their own selfish motivation so they can bring it back down and take all the retail money out of it and put it in their pockets. And I am going to hang in here until I want to say march. If we don't see it by March and I think it's going to happen before then, this is not financial advice. I think it's going to happen before them. But if we don't see it by March, then I think that we're taking a little nap. Well, what happened last time was it was at 5 grand. Next thing you know, it was at ten. And then it was like 15 boom 20. Like, it was like, pop. It was like, that's kind of a slow roll from like 1500 to 2500 to three grand, four ran a fight. And then it just went pop, pop, pop, pop. We were seeing three grand pops in a day sometimes. Remember that? I do have a conversations like, dude, there's gonna be a time in the future where we just see like ten, 12, 15 grand pops, and one day on Bitcoin overall. And you know, right now, look at this, the top of the crypto market in 2018, January, 18th, or whatever it was, whatever that was 9th or whatever that it was about 840 billion. I thought the top was going to be near a trillion. I thought the top of this one was going to be near 5 trillion. But here we are, it was that it got about almost a 3 trillion, and now it's pulled back down about 2.32 .4 trillion. So are we in the low? Are we have not had that last pop pop yet? I don't know, but now I'm thirsty for some pop. We'll look at this. There's a graph from crypto quant in this article. And it says that exchanges have less Bitcoin on their books than any time since the old time highs of 20,000, four years ago. So what does that mean?.

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