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Of your offense is going down, executing Um, I feel like each week. I'm getting a little bit better grasp of the offense and what we're expecting to go down and just leave those guys and, um, really, we were really efficient. All three phases. We are feeding off the defense and special teams in good field position. Those turnovers early. And just going down and score. It was nice. So that's what you that's what you want to do when you come out here and play really well. That's bills quarterback weird to say Mitchell Robiskie after he carved up the Bears for 20 of 28 221 yard touchdown at quarterback rating of 106. He was outstanding. We are at Buttermilk Cafe as fans head over to training camp. It's presented by Chicago mightiest owners and operators. First Midwest Bank is a sponsor, Valparaiso University, the home loan expert and your Chicago land, Toyota. Dealers. Who do we got a lot of calls. So let's head right to the phones can cap told you guys he told you and look what happened on Saturday. Yeah, I know. He told you. I'm not telling you this guy is going to go to the Hall of Fame here. I'm just telling you, maybe he's a hell of a lot better. In a better system. Yeah, you all take that You saw what happened 20 for 28 221 yards and a touchdown in a half cap. Told you in a half and just carved them up as if the Bears weren't even out there. All right. Let's start with Freddie. He's first day Friday. What's going on? Sparkles? Hey, guys, How you doing? First time callers. But this he was never the problem. It's nags needs to get rid of him. As of now, before he ruins field, I would do a good day, Guys. Thank you very much. You know, we've had that sentiment wrecked. Whoa. I mean, I mean, he got to this point and and that you know what? It's a point that we've heard several times here where There is a fear from Bears fans saying, Well, you know, if Justin Fields does start will Nagy break him? I don't know. If that I doubt that's going to be the case Field has natural ability. Leadership leadership. I didn't see from Mitch in North Carolina. Which is a starter for 12 13 games in North Carolina saw two of them. I was never impressed and surprised me. The Bears Gambon Fields has skins on the wall. We saw what he did at Ohio State. He could have been the guy at Georgia. I just think that he has that did Shawn Watson ability to lead a team and brie and provide a dynamic and the quarterback? Quite frankly, you ever seen a long time? Yeah, I still would love to have the ability to sit like here with Matt. Have breakfast to go. Can you explain to me like if you told me we had some veteran quarterback? That that guy's had a hell of a career. He might be aging. You know Ben Roethlisberger. That's a perfect if we had Ben Rafa's burger here, and he'd been our guys whole career. Okay, I get it. You're going to play the veteran. Another year. Let the kid Andy Dalton's Cube er the last five years my brother was pull that up. I'm like he sucked. You knew that though coming in You knew you wasn't very good. No. He's a professional quarterback. He does have multiple pro bowls. He just looks terrible. Come on. What are we doing here? There's a ceiling to his success in Cincinnati was not that that is correct. Well, you knew that. He was he. You knew you weren't getting Boomer sized it in here. Did you were left? Okay, Let's go to James on the South side. James, what's going on, man? James. What's up, James? Hello, James. Turn your radio down. Let's go look alive. Ha ha! Tom share. All right. Well, we've now we appreciate it, but we'll move on Marcus in Minneapolis. Hey, Marcus. What's up, man? What's going on, guys? So I want to have an overreaction and Mitch, but I'm trying to figure out what are we trying to say with the school? Former? Excellent said it even to me. He did. Okay. I mean, you have to say you did okay by the numbers, but Are we saying that the beers made a mistake that he really she didn't look like a number two overall pick, but he had they set up a good game platform You made He did good on the fire. The two yard passes here some games like that against the Bears, But we don't see anything spectacular from them. My concern like hood chick is a defense. They look with Darty was dodging. They looked like they didn't want to be there that they didn't want to play at all. And my thing with Maggie, I think he has a good system. Maybe, but I don't think he knows how to t splitters because Offensive. Uh, Senator Ball, they execute terrible. It's been like that since magazine. Thanks for God. Appreciate it, Marcus. No more excuses. Remember the hallmark of this show when it comes to bears no more excuses. No more excuses. No complaints about the offensive line or you don't have the quarterback that you want. Hey, there was a disconnect between Maggie and Travis getting. It's very clear right now. You want certain things to happen, Travis? He couldn't execute it. Okay, So now you have Justin fields in place. I'm sitting down to the side because we know fields is the future And because of that. There's no more excuses. There's no more of. Well I didn't have. I didn't get the quarterback I wanted. I'm not sure if we have enough weapons at that. You have enough weapons. You have enough to be able to have at least nine wins here in the regular season. At least nine So let me ask you something hoodie, and we'll get back to calls in a second. You had no Daniels you have. I don't know when the Fed is going to play well, he got hurt. Didn't he got hurt the conditioning tests that's correct. Alain Robbe, but you had to bring him back. He had to bring her back. He played well last year. I mean, uh, I don't think anybody anticipated. He played every game last year. Uh, Alan Robinson didn't play call connect. Didn't play. David Montgomery didn't play. The Fetty didn't play. Daniels didn't play. Muni barely played so How do you judge what you watched offensively from whether it was fields or Dalton when you see 123456, basically with mount with Muni barely seen seven starters not playing how much of that was injury? How much of that would just rest or just sitting out the game? It sounds like Alan Robinson. He just didn't want to put him in that position. Same with Montgomery in this in this scenario with the three preseason games, the second one is the most important. The second is the third traditionally, right, correct And this in this scenario, like like You're not going to play with the dress rehearsal. The first one, Okay. The second one should be where you can go. Balls to the wall, right and the third one, and it's kind of like the fourth one from years, right? Nobody of consequence place so I wanted to see a full complement of bears if they were healthy enough to play on Saturday..

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