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Wentz in eagles fans. Golden Tate to me was the most impactful edition that any team made. They were so thin at wide receiver. They're not getting good production out out of Nelson Aguilar, and they never found a third receiver. And I think Howie Roseman said it well in his press conference they're going for it. They are in their championship window. I see no reason why they can't get it going in the second half of the season. Golden Tate was the lions leading receiver in yards and receptions this year. He's a thousand yards ninety catches every single season. And it's just gonna make that offense which has not been very explosive harder to defend Nelson Igor is a little bit of an interesting case to me because he seems to really make the leap last year and came on as a difference maker that offense and he did go extremely quiet when alshon Jeffery was out. He. I didn't step up and he just hasn't had the same impact on his offense. That's a fair point. He hasn't had a good year. And he's been in the league with three or four years now and he's had one good year. Right. He's not gonna lose snap. So be on the outside more entail. Probably be on the inside. I think it's just gonna make their their rotation especially when they go four receivers, and you have Erz and got her it just gives them a lot more options and called and Tate's one of the best slot receivers. And football has been for years. Nothing's changed. One of the best free agent signings in lions history checked with patronize you said. Yeah, there's no doubt. I mean, he's one of the better free agent signings in the NFL the last decade thirty two years old exactly for a win now team which eagles certainly are. He's a he's a perfect fit for them on pace for one hundred receptions and twelve hundred yards west. What do you got? How about winter? Here's a winner. NFC NFC, east fever. Let's have a pennant race baby. Nice. They're all like, you know, the Amari Cooper the Cowboys made that trade the eagles. Make the golden Tate trade the Redskins answer with ha ha Clinton. Six I think the biggest weakness in their secondary was probably the safety next to DJ swear, injure who's having an all pro type of year, Montaigne Nicholson. So they move him out of the starting lineup. Put Clinton Dixon there. You're five and two Redskins are rolling. That's one of the benefits of being a division. That's wide open. Because if you're in the NFC west, you might be thinking, well, we're not gonna win the division here with the Rams above us. But everyone in the east, and it's a nice surprise at the Redskins are at the top of this thing right now when I fully counted the mouth before the year that they're all around, and we're going to go you always get all these NFC east primetime games down the stretch, which can be a high annoyance if the teams royally suck. But instead they're all sort of in the mix and why not as long as we don't get any giants. I think we have one Jerry is there there is the case of the giant. You could almost maybe enjoy the massive calamity unfurling there. That's fair unfurling for a few year, not even fun as a calamity though. They're just the boring watch. How about a winner from you? Mark Cessna a winner for me is. Anyone any Phanor analyst who wants it both ways because you can look at the Dante Fowler move and say, you know, what the Jaguars won that deal because they fair enough. They dumped they dumped his salary. They got rid of a guy that they're not fully on board with. And it's a great move that they got something back for Dante Fowler. But at the same time, we can say, wow, the Rams filled this need for this edge rusher. And we can look past the fact that he was essentially a bust in Jacksonville and say this is exactly what Los Angeles needs to go to the Super Bowl. So this is that time where we can cook it up either way and say, yes, my argument is correct..

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