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Discusses what to do with monuments and statues to former slave owners were also looking to provide a history that includes a more diverse stories Marcia Ivan is the city of Sacramento historian she's working on a new program to bring these diverse stories of Sacramento's history to light at the city of Sacramento history center through new video tour one of the people she believes that needs to be highlighted is this African American business owner on I street there is a gentleman named Daniel hello as an African American man he was a former slave came here in eighteen forty nine and was very successful in the gold rush he set up a laundry business he actually built his house just a little ways from the then governor of the time Peter Burnett who is an extreme racist he tried to block he wanted in that first constitutional convention they wanted to say that African Americans didn't even come in California they were they were southerners that brought all their prejudices with them I'm in says he was more than a great businessman Daniel blue is also a humanitarian he started the A. any church here in town he founded the first interracial school where it was African American children and native Americans that went to school together he also is credited with freeing the last slave in California where he went to and had a lawsuit to negotiate to win us freedom of young African American woman named Edith and he won it and he just went on to later Mary and he adopted her and she went on to marry and have a life here in the Sacramento.

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