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Hockey miss a kit. Anyway. For our bears. Because that was really good. Did you listen to Matt Nagy today? He was so great. Once again, another refreshing moment at a bears, head coaches news conference. I believe it was Dan Wieder is asking are you getting too cute with the gadget plays? He's like, what do you mean? You too cute. They go back and forth some terrific exchange. It's just great. And he goes, look, I see what you're saying. You don't wanna do it twenty times in the situation has to dictate dictated. But if I'm going to do what I'm going to do it. It's like I'm fifty one percent of the vote up there. I have the final vote, and he's you know, he's he's pretty true to his connection. Doesn't doesn't run the football? Because he doesn't believe it gives them. I don't wanna the two plays that I would say I've always cited the chase. Daniel. Rome action. The no the option the option in Detroit to pick up a first down. And he got hammered, and it came heck's hit a bad achilles and its fourth down. And you're giving it to a guy who hasn't really handled. The football much is a runner in his career down under. Cruising back in Jordan Howard. Who you think could pick up wine are those things necessary. Like, I love the play that they ran to tie the game. Like, that's not cute. That's just smart great play design. But I'm just saying there's sometimes I feel like what did they say? The quickest way between two points is a straight line, right? Sometimes Nagy likes to yours. Yeah. See I love that. He he's a riverboat gambler. He takes chances. How would people have felt if like when Tariq Colin through that foot? It went underneath. That ball actually hit that guys are. Yeah. Do you think would have been forgiving? They just would've said, hey, you know, what listen I love the design of the play was grass ever. Do you think people would have exercised outcome bias and said, why are you being so I- cares? I mean, he said. Finish fan. What what do you say? When that's one play. No time on the clock. You have to score run your best, and they had confidence in that. They installed that for the patriots game. I would have been good. Even like that. I don't think was too cute. I think he took out a play that he knew worked and he got you the touchdown. I'm okay with. I mean is it not too cute and it worked again? But like when the eagles ran that play. It wasn't last play the game to tie things up. There was some some comfort room in there for that. So if you're telling me your best play is treat Cohen throwing the football. Okay. He was asked is there? Anybody at Halas hall who has the authority to say, you're being too cute. Somebody might eventually say something to him. Have a guy. He said Sylvie that he has somebody that makes make sure he's not being predictable. He's got guys whose I he's got a self Scott who scouts him. So there's a scout on staff whose Scott Nagy to tell if he's falling into any sort of a pattern that can be like a dressed by another team. And then he's got three guys one one of them's stayed tobe son who scans college scans the pro for a play that they could put in to their offense. Right. It's great to have the self scout. Because you do you know you've got the blinders on as a head coach, especially if you're basically the offensive coordinator as well. And you just start getting a little crazy. It's tough too. Because listen he's he's focused on column plays. And he's also now going to be cognizant of timeouts and the time and ED's bitten him once or twice this year. We all come to the same conclusion though, regardless first of all Andy Reid mix. Mistakes. Bill valid chuckle. Make a mistake. I don't think anyone's Bill Belichick ever made a mistake. I think he has gone pain. Yeah. I mean, this guy is hitting pretty much complicated in the pressures on. There's so many distractions. Yeah, it's not easy to do. It's not easy to do. By the way. I heard Carmen going off today on you know, you guys are overplaying the Sean McVeigh thing where he can name every opponent. I agree with defense. And you know, every coach should know that I contend that. There are a lot of coaches, especially old school guys that sort of basically have the overview, and no, but they can't rattle off Dame's in history. Was very brief history kinks. He's he's been doing it. A long mentioned it came exit. Did I if he didn't have anything specific you said he's been doing it a long time. But you know, it was like forty five seconds. I could've played that without editing. It. Yeah. I mean, listen, I think he's a great coach. But there was nothing earth-shattering weekend. There's a business. There are a lot of unqualified lazy people who continue to hang around and war right name. So I think there are a lot of coaches credit like Waddell says for knowing the okay, I'll go with that. But the photographic memory and being able to recall plays from two three years ago. Yeah. Exceptional. I is fantastic. Yeah. I've got a stat that may blow your mind, and it's about your favorite my mind. It's coming up next. We're with marquee. It's the weekend and waddled tell us about northwest. I'd love to don't miss your chance to watch. Northwestern..

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