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Houston's morning news continues with Jimmy Barrett and sheriff fryer six eighteen here on Houston's morning news. Our next guest is the chief of police here in Houston, Arte Salvato in something that art, and I have in common is that neither one of us are native houstonians. We're just lucky enough to be historians now. And I know I didn't realize what a big deal forty-one was until I got here. It is. It is amazing. How big a figure George Hw Bush was an is to the people of Houston. I mean, it's absolutely amazing. So there were so many people last night thousands of folks at the church waiting to go through when folks are so patient, and they were. They were stalked, but happy at the same time happy that they had them for so many years we have for so many years and happy that they were able to take the time to pay tribute to a great man and Amana truly is keep calling the last movie channels because they're just so much more. I think it's clear that the city has been planning for this event for for a long long time. Everything seems to be going off like clockwork. It takes us inside a little bit on how this whole thing was planned out. What's been ten years in the making, you know, all of the stakeholders, including the Bush family and his organization the secret service and the Houston police department and department of defense. The plans about ten years that the old and Jones been brushed up breast over many times over the years, and he's such a tough man at would seem like every few years. We'd be shell boys. He's he's in trouble right now, but he bounced back, but you know, when we look at how well it was done yesterday. We had douse of people online last night. Now, my folks and from beginning to end you've been a line was just all kinds of people had of your within within forty five minutes. We had you through the line onto a bust. But metro did a great job our partners did.

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