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Pretty litter. Is it monitors your cats health pretty literate changes colors to detect underlying illnesses before urgent medical care is needed saving you money stress at potentially your cats life make the switch to pretty litter today by visiting pretty litter dot com and use promo code Chad. For twenty percent off your first order. That's pretty litter dot com, promo code Chad. For twenty percent off pretty litter dot com, promo code, Chad. Hey, it's DC Brooks. If you or your bed partner have sleep apnea snoring is likely the worst part of your nightly routine. Once the snoring starts one of you probably moves to a different room to try and get some sleep alone. C-pap is the first line of therapy for sleep apnea, but it just doesn't work for everyone. Now, there's a silent mask free sleep solution keeping couples together in the same room called inspire. Inspire is asleep solution that works inside your body with your natural breathing process. It's a livers mild stimulation throughout the night to keep your airway open giving you and your partner a quiet and restful night's sleep together. Inspire is the only FDA approved sleep solution of its kind. That's helping thousands of people like you finally experienced their best sleep asleep solution for you is just a click away. Visit inspiresleep dot com to learn more review important safety information and to find a doctor in Phoenix Tucson who can help you determine if inspire is right for you. That's inspiresleep dot com. Com. Did you know that foundation damage is a common problem in Arizona, extreme weather, conditions, poor drainage soil, expansion, contraction and inferior ground preparation can cause the soil underneath your home to shift heave. And settle if you notice exterior cracks in stucco, Craxton,.

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