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To somebody on the iheartradio APP apple podcasts or wherever you get your podcasts, joining us now is defensive backs skills trainer Clay Mac, you can follow him on Instagram, not twitter because Jack Dorsey as a tyrant. Apollo on INSTAGRAM AT CLAY MAK skills. We're we're working on that twitter account though Right Klay Lewd absolute aspect of the up here within the next week is a good deal. I give the fans some background. You can't call Jack. Dorsey tyrant, and not give a lot of people God's. A lot of people call Jack Dorsey Okay so basically play a very large twitter following that You know a lot of high school. Kids would depend on that as their way to kind of get to Klay and say hey clay, I'd love to train with the I'd love to do some stuff and. It was a great resource tool, and of course occasionally clay would share some videos on it with original music and apparently the. Twitter Lords decided that it was pirated or something. I don't know where we're going to work on it. We're GONNA you know. Start the Hashtag screw, Jack Dorsey or something I. Don't know well. We'll figure it out he he gets a lot of pressure from a lot of people I think that that's I think that'd be a popular move if we dog piled on on him a little. Little bit more Dorsey as a grinder. This guy walks to work every day. He goes, and he's like Meditation Hut. He's gotTa respect. The grinders clay so like I feel like he's going to respect your hustle. He's GonNa. He's GonNa. Give me your twitter account back. L. In the funny thing about like you know I had somebody who's like John Dula research for me and like E and. Stuff when not because I've never received the email. You know typically there in your email. I got one. Looked at not I know. I, never received emails. As somebody WHO's the prompts. One and I apologize to him I mean because. I'm not I'm not into like I'm not trying to be like no like tiring. Go against the grain. I'm not. I'm not I'm not that. What I didn't receive, Nabet so. Hats report. Clan. Hashtag Free Clay Mac now. If you're not familiar with Klay would, you should be. Clay trained several defensive backs across the NFL I think most notably the the cowboys crush Jamal Adams He. He's worked with Jim Olson sixth. Grade Jeff Okuda. Who just went third overall. I believe actually saw you on ESPN hugging Jeff after he was picked by the Lions. And of course, worked with Byron. Jones really helped get Byron cleaned up when he made the move to corner did a lot to help him. Somebody that Byron trusted so much that actually had klay come out to California. Remember bumping into your training camp last year when I saw you walk across the field, and it was Byron was there in your door and I know. Know you also work with to the cowboys. New draft picks Reggie Robinson from Tulsa and Trayvon digs from Alabama before jump to those like guess, just tell us. How do you get into this? Because a lot of people I? Think wonder like you know how to somebody become a clay Mac or a d. rob or anybody like that. How did you get into this? I was actually a coping America for. Full end. Up Sitting at my desk officer of countrywide loans. and. Got Phone call from hostile coach. James Jones I went to come Campbell high school so. Phone wrong and he wanted me to come out because I was a college. Og Merrick's May hostile so wanna come out and just just GonNa look at his defense bets so I did. And thought it was going to be at thirty forty five minutes, so ended up, being at the two two and a half hours and went back. The next day went back the next day in. Like for me. The thing that struck me was that it was a I live in Carrolton Kimmel Lozano cliffs hour drive for me. So I don't know what it was as some kind of intuition more. I don't know what it was, but I I became addicted to it. Don't sound so and the rings and I. Think Because you know sometimes these kids you know. They not privy to some things that Gaza are attributed to as relates to advanced schematics. Another chance to work on your skillset fundamental things that you need to prepare yourself for the next level on the next level. So when I was able to come back the stuff that I learned I was eager at that particular point like trying to teach the younger gods, what I'm saying, so just got a discount on materialized scenario then buffed to to to be rob which Amid his one family members are play college ball together. And it pretty much just started from there, so is it was maybe Robin getting margin hosts? We've started altogether. At Saint Louis Group and then from there. I just got infectious in just goofing. And so many guys is bobby reference. Come to you guys I. WanNa put something to bed. Because as you can imagine, my twitter mentions I know bobbies. They get so excited about this notion of Jamal Adams coming to Dallas. Cowboys in good faith try to get him last year. It didn't work out. Does this feel like an oral Thomas Situation for you for the cowboy fans in other words. Even if the cowboys had for, they're gonNA, still have to pay this guy a top market value. Was it ever a real possibility? And funny, you say that that was that was my logic by you know okay. Even they got, and they have the. Sam So. Is it working from a business? Perspective is just get him just halls those. Beautiful Smile Stanford your. Fan Base around up in line, and then you have to ship them all four. You know you can't come to an agreement saying from wise but when actually you know, that was his market that he loves I mean he acts absolutely loves a Dallas and out there and you know actually. I have a very intimate relationship immunised family and been not to new kind of Belabor. The point per se but. It was a lot of excitement around that. I just opted lot exciting around that. Contained excitement because you know naturally, you want to respect his stern organization. Would not.

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