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One apple bowl has gotten even more bullish business insiders as morgan stanley analyst katie huber d has once again raised her price target on apple shares what's gutter so turned on its the cupertino companies services business quoting a note she wrote to clients on thursday services is fast becoming apple's primary growth driver apple revenue grew at an eight percent compound annual growth rate over the last five years driven in large part by sales of its flagship iphone but device replacement cycles extend and device installed base growth slows to single digits we believe services will pick up the growth baton and account for about sixty seven percent of apple revenue growth over the next five years huber he went onto right we estimate that in the last twelve months users have spent over forty billion dollars in the app store of which apple collects roughly thirty percent cut implying the app store generate rated slightly more than twelve billion dollars of net revenue for apple in the last twelve months up twenty nine percent yearoveryear with such great expectations uber has a positive reading on apple shares her new price target on the shares is two hundred fourteen dollars apples got a plan for growing at least one of it services give it away for free for a month of course they gave up on music away for free for three months but still apple insider says the company is trying to tempt people into going for a paid tier of i cloud storage by giving them a month of the paid tier for free customers who currently get by with the five gigabytes free offered to everyone or being offered free month long trials of fifty gigabytes two hundred gigabytes and two terabyte plans according to the report and they're hitting them at just the right moment when one goes to backup device but does not have enough room left a ni cloud.

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