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I wrote a rave review of that new holocaust museum which the teen magazine published between a list of makeup tips and an article about belania. In my review. I spent a lot of time. Praising the museums children's section an exhibit called daniel story. The exhibit tells the story of an imaginary child named daniel and museum. Visitors walk through different places from daniel's life. I you enter a mockup of daniel's house in frankfurt germany which looks a lot like a house in any american suburbs. We lived in a house with a yard. And i had my own bedroom. We're happy times for me. And my fans you see daniel soccer cleats and his soccer ball on a shelf in his room next to his glue and his camera. Daniel's dad was a war veteran so you see his dad's army medals to just pass cookies and daniels kitchen and the teddy bear on daniels bed. You move onto a street. Full of vandalized storefronts and signs. That say no jews allowed in the next room. You're in a ghetto where daniels fancy house has been replaced with a small and shabby room. We were trapped. There were rules about everything and my family lived together in one small room. We thought it couldn't get worse than the ghetto. But it did and by the next room. You're at auschwitz. But this is a kids exhibit so it stops at the barbed wire at the end. You're encouraged to write a note to the imaginary daniel telling him what you've learned as a recent child myself. I found all this quite moving and in one thousand nine hundred three. I still believed in the power of dead jews to protect living one's a belief that's actually rooted in the theology of judaism itself. I was convinced that writing about this exhibit would help people recognize the juice humanity just like the museum itself would i couldn't imagine anything objectionable about this so i was shocked when a random holocaust survivor attacked me for it. When i returned from washington my parents took me to see some friends of theirs and everyone was eager to hear about the brand new museum that they'd only seen on. Tv gave them my review especially of the children's exhibit. What are the other guests was an older woman who i didn't know like many old jews back. Then she had a heavy accent and a bunch of numbers on her arm. She glared at me. Until i stop talking. Then she said a kid on a soccer team is not what died in the holocaust that she started ranting about gish speaking culture about books and theaters sheba's newspapers and hasidic dynasties and political parties and youth groups and musicians and artists and writers. I never heard of. She shrieked at me about how. I had to tell my teenage readers about what was really lost. Why she demanded. Did the museum have a sucker playing german-speaking kid. As its emblem of the children. Who were murdered in the holocaust. When eighty five percent of holocaust victims were yiddish speakers and a huge percentage were religious jews instead of soccer cleats. Why didn't the boy's bedroom shelves have his volumes of the talmud or his scouting uniform from his socialist youth club or his hebrew song books from the zionist group. Hashomer hot site year instead of his dad's army medals. Why not dads to fill it. Or dads gish. Newspapers or his tickets to the theater. Was there even a missouri on the door of daniel's imaginary house i recently checked. There isn't the woman kept ranting at me but i was sixteen and i had no patience for cranky old people instead of listening. I politely told this holocaust survivor that she was completely wrong. What mattered most in a museum. Like this i patiently explained. Was that regular. American children could relate to it. The whole point was to teach american kids. That kids who died in the holocaust were just like them then the woman shouted at me. But what if they weren't just like them would it have been.

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