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But mr sparkles said nothing or rather vomited nothing and the true was in no hurry to enter the foreboding building in front of them it looked like a factory but there were no smoke stacks or large delivery doors or anything that gave any impression that anyone work there or even made anything abigail said what they were all thinking this is going to sound silly but it's like a sadness factory it thumbs meow just looking at it i'm going to say something that none of you are going to like but please just hear me out said finn i want to go in there alone i know i know but it was a message from my mom we don't even know if the other adults are there and we don't know if it's a trap and if it's a trap and we all walk into it that we have no chance of surviving of getting our parents back of getting our allies back no one said anything you all know on right we need to continue the mission of the marlow and if we all walk straight into a trap right now then that's it the mission is over the marlow we'll have failed the explorers were silent looking at the floor the ceiling out the window at that arm and his building anywhere to keep from looking at finn they all new finn was right no one could meet his gaze one except page said page.

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